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    These Women Wore Crotchless Panties And Freed Their Coochies

    "Hehe, the wind doesn't know my secret."

    The world has absolutely no chill, to the point where crotchless panties exist. And since the Ladylike women try things, they decided to wear crotchless panties for an entire day. Don't worry, you won't be seeing their vagines.

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    In case you didn't know what crotchless panties are, here you go:

    Some of the ladies preferred their vaginas tucked away and cozy, while others were more free-spirited. But one thing they could agree on: They had no idea what the hell they were getting themselves into.

    And they had a lot of questions:

    So we brought in Christina, founder of Serpent Lane, to answer all of our questions.

    It seemed like after they met with her, they were very excited to let it go, and let it flow.

    They became whole new people once their vaginas got a chance to breathe.

    They felt present throughout the day.

    And peeing took a lot less time since they didn't have to pull their underwear down and up.

    And even though they felt comfortable, not everyone else did.

    So, lady tested? Lady free your vagina forever!