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One Woman Opened Up About Learning To Love What Makes Her Different

"That's how you do it, you just keep showing up."

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Digg recently released a video of Cara Reedy, a woman of color with achondroplastic dwarfism, who discusses her struggles with accepting and finding her beauty and strength:

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The media plays a huge part in others' perceptions, as well as people’s confidence.

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"I'll never forget Chris Rock once said, 'Stevie Wonder should get a pet midget to walk him around. When you're that rich and blind, you should have a pet midget to walk you around.' Your whole existence is a joke," Carla said in the video.

"I have to do everything everyone else does, but better. I have to be a better writer, I have to tell better jokes, I have to do everything better, because everyone already believes I can't do it. I'm a female, black, little person. It's a lot, because you have nowhere to turn."