Mothers Open Up About The Fears That Come With Raising A Black Child

    "Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Trayvon...those could be my sons."

    Mater Mea, a website devoted to sharing and celebrating the stories of women of color, recently released a powerful video about how mothers see their black children vs. how society sees them.

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    The video featured authors, activists, and writers such as, Yolanda Sangweni, Feminista Jones, Nasozi Kakembo, Ibi Zoboi and their children.

    "My son is going to be very, very tall and he’s going to be big. I don’t want people thinking my son is some kind of monster, or predator, or beast. That’s how they talk about our children – particularly the teenagers. They think that they’re superhuman just because of their size.”

    And young black men are not the only ones facing adversity... young women do, too.

    "It really hits home because you think, oh my gosh, no matter how well I think I'm doing this, when they step out of that door, it's a whole other conversation to be had."

    The video shows that black children are just the same as others. They dream...

    …They have goals they want to achieve…

    ...And they're just children.

    "Black children deserve to be free."