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    These Kids Tried 100 Years Of Sandwiches And Were Satisfied

    "They use noodles as bread?"

    Who knew that sandwiches had such a rich history? Bon Appétit did! So, they decided to share some history by having kids try 100 years of sandwiches:

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    Did you know that the peanut butter and jelly sandwich became popular in the 1900s?

    And has been stealing hearts ever since?

    The famous Philly steak & cheese became a hit in the '30s...

    ...and these kids were pretty into it:

    In the '50s, pastrami sandwiches were popular...

    ...but it seemed like they were a real hit or miss for these kids today.

    It's important to take a moment and give thanks to the person who popularized the gyro...

    ...even if it can be difficult to eat.

    The kids showed the range of emotions everyone goes through when someone makes a panini.

    And how could we forget the latest sensation that started in 2013: the ramen burger! Literally, innovation at its finest.

    Safe to say, this was just a reminder that sandwiches have always come through for folks.