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19 Times Joe Biden Understood What TF We Were Going Through

Oh, Joe.

1. When Joe realized that his face was taking over the meme world:

2. When Trump's car pulled up to the White House and Joe wanted to play hide-and-seek:

3. When he played a little prank on the president-elect:

4. When Hillary was OVER IT:

5. When he couldn't trust Trump with actual buttons:

6. Or when he wanted to keep an eye on things:

7. When he decided to leave Trump some hair care tips:

8. When he decided to fuck up Trump's navigation to the White House:

9. I mean, Joe has jokes for days:

10. *BIG SIGH:*

11. When he was ready to throw hands:

12. When Obama had to calm him down:

13. When he just wanted to be petty one last time:

14. And sometimes it was even hard for Obama to keep his cool:

15. When he decided to fuck with Mike Pence's head just a little:

16. When he was the ultimate troll:

17. Or when he knew what would stop Trump from getting any "work" done:

18. When Joe realized that Note 7 phones exploded:

Biden: You know he needs an official gov't phone right? Imma give him a Note 7. Obama: But Joe, don't those.... Bid… https://t.co/u1G7KuD5bE

19. And finally, this last little gem:

We'll miss these two.