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Here Is 100 Years Of Hawaiian Beauty And It's Stunning As All Hell

It's so damn beautiful.

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WatchCut just released the latest video in its series "100 Years of Beauty," bringing us to the beautiful island of Hawaii:

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In the ’40s, Hawaii was placed under martial law after the Pearl Harbor attack, sending Americans to scatter throughout communities on Oahu. lolani Luahine (pictured on the left below) opened her home to teach people ancient hula traditions.


The LGBT community has always been celebrated in Polynesian culture but made huge strides when famous soccer player Natasha Kai was one of three openly gay athletes on the 2008 USA Summer Olympic Team.

And finally, in the 2010s Hawaiian beauty and pop culture collided when Nicole Scherzinger used her fame to express her anger toward the University of Hawaii at Manoa, after it set out to build a telescope on sacred native sites. She wrote the words "WeAreMaunaKea" on her palms as a sign of protest.


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