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    A Little Girl Puked All Over Paula Abdul And It Was Hilarious

    "All the happiness came out on her jacket."

    This week on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, 12-year-old Chi Tahani slayed her audition and celebrated the best way I can think vomiting on Paula Abdul:

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    From the very beginning, Chi slayed her entire piece to Beyoncé’s “Countdown.”

    Like, her pirouette was jaw-dropping.

    And instead of earning one golden ticket, Chi stole the show with three tickets and a standing ovation.

    But after giving Paula a celebratory hug, things kind of went south…

    …poor Chi puked everywhere.

    And you couldn't help but make this face and also chuckle just a little bit.

    Paula admitted that she had never been puked on before.

    But Chi handled it like a true queen by ending her performance with a champion run for all the haters...because vomit or no vomit, homegirl killed the game.

    She later explained that Paula was also really excited and squeezed her a little too tight when they hugged, causing all of the happiness (vomit) to come out.

    At the end of the day though, there’s nothing anyone can do about it but just laugh.