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    11 Times Joanne The Scammer Gave Us Petty Goals

    “A liar, a scammer; I love robbery and fraud.”

    In case you didn't know — Joanne The Scammer, the internet sensation who should be on everybody's radar, achieves all the unrealistic goals we would like to accomplish in our lives.

    1. When someone needs to mind their own business:

    2. When you wanna be real in your "About Me" section:

    3. When you get a free makeup tutorial at Sephora:

    4. When your English teacher tells you to write a poem like Dr. Seuss but you're over it:

    5. When you see your crush and literally don't know what to do because you're awkward AF:

    6. The message you want to send to all your haters:

    7. When you can't get your life together, so you start to embrace it:

    8. When you overhear your boss saying they're leaving work early and once they do, you follow their lead:

    9. How you feel about any internet troll:

    10. When all you want in life is to be Instagram famous and you're willing to go above and beyond to get there:

    11. And finally, when someone doesn't realize your full potential:

    Bless your soul, Joanne.

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