Presidents Drinking Beer

Cheers! President Obama paid homage to his Irish heritage by knocking back a Guinness at a DC pub on St. Patrick’s Day. Which of these guys would you want to get a drink with?

2. George W. Bush

Note: Non-alcoholic

5. George H. W. Bush (not found)

We did find a picture of then-Vice President Bush with a glass of wine, enjoying what must have been a very funny joke.

7. Jimmy Carter (not found)

However, here’s Jimmy Carter with his brother Billy…

…and here’s Billy’s personal brand of beer. (Also, from Jon Chait: How Jimmy Carter Saved Beer)

9. Gerald Ford

10. Richard Nixon

Bobby Grich poured beer on Nixon after the Angels won their first ever division title. (story)

11. Lyndon B. Johnson (not found)

On some hot Texas days, LBJ used the Secret Service as a rolling scotch and soda delivery system, according to his top domestic aide Joe Califano (via the National Park Service).

12. John F. Kennedy (not found)

JFK did drink other spirits.

13. Dwight D. Eisenhower (not found)

The lack of an Ike-with-a-beer photo is truly unfortunate. Eisenhower first dipped his toe into national politics with the “hot dogs and beer” speech—a paean to an American identity that he saw slipping away. “Some people wanted champagne and caviar,” Eisenhower declared, “when they should have had beer and hot dogs.”

Here’s a photo of Ike eating a hot dog, anyway.

14. Harry S. Truman

Label from a bottle of Ballantine’s ale brewed especially for Truman.

15. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (not found)

FDR with a martini and a cigarette.

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