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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's Passive-Aggressive Letter To Obama

Nice penmanship, Gov!

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Conservative Arizona governor Jan Brewer briefly refused to release a copy of the letter that she handed to President Obama during a heated exchange on the tarmac Wednesday. Brewer's office claimed the letter was "personal, handwritten" correspondence, and that she did not retain a copy.

A copy of the letter has nonetheless emerged, from Brewer's files; the governor's office released a copy of the letter on Thursday. Though undeniably handwritten, the correspondence appeared on official letterhead and discussed matters of public concern. Brewer's tone is pointed, but the letter is essentially a newsless laundry list of Brewer's talking points. It's far from clear why Brewer's office claimed not to have a copy before releasing one, or why they briefly thought that this banal document was worth being stubborn about.

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