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18 Amazing Things In NYC That Will Give Your Friends FOMO

There’s a whole world outside your apartment to explore, so get out there and #SeeYourCity.

1. Ice Cream Rolls at 10Below Ice Cream.

2. Jazz Brunch at the Harlem Tavern.

3. Spectacular things at Tannen's Magic.

4. Dazzling acrobatics at House Of Yes.

5. A tropical escape at Brooklyn Crab.

6. Therapy via laughter at Gotham Comedy Club.

7. Birthday cake croissants at Union Fare.

8. Coffee with an artsy touch at Gasoline Alley Coffee.

9. A serious vinyl collection at Rough Trade.

10. Classic bagels from Barney Greengrass.

11. Getting lost inside a great STORY.

12. Massive play spaces at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

13. Other-worldly doughnuts at Dough.

14. Local threads from Harlem Underground.

15. Celebrity-approved sweets at Mondel Chocolates.

16. Super cheesy goodness at Landin Mac & Cheese.

17. Mouthwatering pies at Pizzeria Giove.

18. Good tunes and great bowling at Brooklyn Bowl.

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