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  • Anna And Elsa Go To Prom!

    The sisters Anna and Elsa of Disney’s Frozen give us lessons in love, friendship and fashion! Anna is on the right track when she asks, “Why have a ball room with no balls?”, every girl wants to have at least one chance to dress up and dance the night away! With that in mind Faviana found the modern prom dresses that would have these Disney princesses squealing in delighted harmony.

  • If Disney Princesses Went To Prom

    When it comes down to it, Disney Princesses are really just teenage girls. What do teenage girls look forward to more than pretty much anything (besides waking up or saving china)? Prom! Here are Disney princesses in prom looks brought to you by Faviana! Who would you vote for prom queen?

  • The 10 things you need to survive Fall

    I seriously cannot articulate how excited I am for fall. Not only does all of the yummiest food in the world magically come into existence during this season ( pumpkin pie anyone?) fall is my favorite fashion season as well! I know you’re probably holding back tears because the time for sandals and shorts has passed and I love a sundress as much as the next girl but because I am dangerously clumsy I’m always covered in a smattering of unattractive bruises and the sweltering streets of New York City don’t exactly help to keep me looking chic. But I flourish in the fall, so here are the ten fall accessories you need to rock this season!

  • How To Get Runway-Ready Legs?

    When it comes to Summer time your legs can be your greatest accessory! This may come as a surprise but there are in fact ways to dress up your legs while you’re rocking your favorite Faviana cocktail dress. At this point you may be thinking, “How much dressing up is there? I shaved and applied lotion. It doesn’t get much better than that.”, and to that I say nay!

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