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I'm Bisexual

This is something I have to post

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I feel like if I don't say this somewhere, I never will. I'm bisexual.

I'm also Catholic. My parents are very strict Catholic.

Growing up in the Catholic Church, I was taught that homosexuality was a sin and for many years that is what I believed. Looking back, I hate the fact I did.

When I was 9 the Church newsletter had an article about same sex marriage. My mum came into my room and asked what I thought and I said that all that matters is that two people love each other. She told me that it's okay to believe what I do so we never bring it up around each other.

I went to an all girls school.

When I was 14 during a normal conversation with a friend, she mentioned that she had a girlfriend. I didn't give it a second thought and hugged her. She wasn't trying to hide it but being one of the first people to know (gossip spread quickly), I was so happy.

When a lot more of the school found out, rumors about us (her close friends) started. I'm someone who likes hugging people, almost anyone I knew at school I would hug. I had people asking me; during class, walking between classes, at lunch if I liked girls. I never said no, just ignored them. I do have attractive friends, hell I had a crush on a couple but it wasn't until recently that I thought deeper about it.

I remember standing in front of the mirror in my room and repeating the words "I am bisexual" and I was happy. I felt different. I started posting about my girl crushes online. Dropping hints to my parents and friends but never outright said it.

We have different views. I think on some level they know but we've never discussed it.

But I am bisexual and if anyone reads this, I AM FUCKING PROUD

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