10 Signs You’re A Gen Y Patient

The doctors may be in…but are they ready for us?

1. 1. You trust Dr. Google more than your actual doctor.

2. 2. You’ve texted your friends for a diagnosis.

This counts as getting it checked out right?

3. 3. When the doctor starts giving you all his sound medical advice, at first you’re like…

4. …Until he says the words “not covered”, and then you’re all:

5. 4. You found your doctor on Yelp.

You don’t drop your pants for anyone under 4 stars.

6. 5. You blame all your afflictions on stress.

7. 6. It’s easier for you to set up a 500-person event on Facebook than it is to view your insurance policy.

Asking where you had your first kiss is crossing the line into Creepytown…

8. 7. You don’t believe in genetic limitations — you’ve seen The Biggest Loser.

9. 8. You kind of wish you could get rewards points for staying healthy.

Health is nice, points are better.

10. 9. You think it’s lame that everyone seems to have access to your medical record but you.

11. 10. You think about how much easier it would be if you and your doctor could just text/Skype/Facetime.

12. You know you can be a brat sometimes…

13. …but come on, you live in a world where you can get a status update on your pizza from bed.

14. And you know that if going to the doctor were this easy and engaging…

15. …you would NOT SHUT UP ABOUT IT.

16. And doesn’t that make you a brat worth treating…well?

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