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Living In Surrey: Expectation Vs Reality

"How posh."

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1. Expectation: Everyone from Surrey lives in a massive mansion.

Flickr: benbawden / Creative Commons

Reality: We either rent, live at home, or own a shoebox.

2. Expectation: Our gardens have swimming pools and BBQs.

Flickr: stokes / Creative Commons

Reality: We have a birdbath and make a grill when the sun's out.

3. Expectation: Surrey natives still talk like it’s 1912.

Carnival Films and Masterpiece / Via

Reality: Surrey natives still talk like it’s 2016, even when they probably shouldn't.

4. Expectation: We ate our school lunch in a fancy dinner hall.

Warner Bros

Reality: We ate our Turkey Twizzlers in a converted gym.

Instagram: @tiivitaavi12

5. Expectation: At school we always looked incredibly smart.

Flickr: londonmatt / Creative Commons

Reality: Everyone at school got told to do up their top button and sort their tie out.


6. Expectation: Lunch means dressing to impress and catching up with friends.


Reality: We celebrate making a saving on the Boots meal deal.

Flickr: hartnupj / Creative Commons

7. Expectation: We all drive flash motors.

Instagram: @romansinternational

Reality: We like to pretend we can afford a supercar.

8. Expectation: This is how the squad looks:


Reality: This is how the squad actually looks:

9. Expectation: We go on holiday to Saint-Tropez and money's no object.

Paramount pictures

Reality: We go to less glamorous locations and waste all our money on booze and stupid outfits.

Nick Watkins / Via Facebook

10. Expectation: High streets in Surrey have nothing but designer shops.

Reality: There's Dorking high street, famous for its giant cock sculpture.

Flickr: dsf / Creative Commons

11. Expectation: We buy fresh fruit and veg from a local, organic store.

Reality: Most of us are more likely to pick up reduced items that are going out-of-date.

12. Expectation: We spend Saturday afternoons playing polo.

Reality: We're more likely to spend Saturday afternoons watching football.

13. Expectation: Our local boozer is a quaint little pub.

Reality: Every town in Surrey has a Wetherspoon's in it.

14. Expectation: "Oh, you're from Surrey!"

Flickr: ben124 / Creative Commons

Reality: "Yeah, Croydon."

Flickr: southeasternstar / Creative Commons