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Proven Ways To Cover Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Having dark circles under the eyes may be as a result of sleep deprivation, seasonal allergies or even an overindulgence in some activities the night before and it can happen to just any of us. This article will discuss how we can conceal these dark circles under the eye to brighten the eyes and not necessarily making them go away. It is true that a well-done makeup will camouflage dark sides, but we must know that the use of a more long-term approach like an eye cream should be considered. Another way to cover dark circles is calling Color theory into play by making peaches or pinks to counteract the gray, blue and brown tones in under-eye circles. This is according to Sotomayor, a beauty expert. Most people can get dark circles covered up just fine with the use of a regular concealer on the said undertones to neutralize and brighten the dark circles. If all that didn’t work, then priming with a color corrector before layering concealer on it will do just fine. To prime; pink is good on fair skin and peach on medium to dark tones. Apart from picking a concealer with a pink or peach undertone, Scali said that the right formula should go on smoothly and without looking cakey but it should dry down much so that it doesn’t crease too much. To get this perfect outcome, apply your concealer after your eye makeup but before making up your lips, cheeks, and brows. This will allow the concealer an adequate time to set, and should you notice little crease right after its application; you have ample opportunity to smooth blend it as well as add needed quantity of powder if required. Concealer application depends on the type of coverage. To apply for medium coverage, it is suggested that one taps it at the inner and outer corners of the eyes, then smoothen with a tidy and fluffy eyeshadow brush. For an application for full coverage, a finger or a concealer brush should be used to tap a corrector into the inner corners of the eyes or whichever spot the color is darkest, and then with a brush, pat neutral concealer one shade lighter compared to the skin tone under the entire eye area. The major key here is to avoid rubbing it as rubbing it may wipe the product to the side while leaving problem area uncovered. Dust the area with translucent setting powder afterward to ensure that the concealer sits where you want it. Also, it is important to avoid the use of mineral powder for the best finish. For more tips please visit

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