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    32 Things Only True 90s And '00s Indian Kids Know To Be True

    Woh din bhi kya din the!

    1. You know that this "milky chocolatey fun" candy was absolutely to die for!

    Three long, thin and colourful chocolate packets

    2. You'll never make the same mistakes this guy made:

    A man wearing spectacles holding a candy

    3. You know this man was WRONGED and it makes you mad as hell:

    Amit Sana with his lips pursed

    4. You pretended to be scandalised by this video but secretly loved watching it:

    Shefali Jariwala singing and dancing

    5. You owe a lot of your street cred and sanity to this website: logo

    6. That you paid 10 Rupees an hour just to chat with random people on Yahoo Messenger and play games:

    An empty cyber cafe

    7. This sassy queen was your role model:

    Ratna Pathak Shah speaking

    8. This was the ultimate #CoupleGoals for you:

    Rajeev Mehta and Supriya Pathak sitting next to each other

    9. This was probably your first phone:

    Old Nokia phone

    10. You wrote the names of the people who discontinued this delicious snack in your "Revenge Notebook":

    Hippo chips packets

    11. You remember baby Deepika from the "Close Up" ad:

    Deepika Padukone smiling

    12. You know exactly why "Aapke masoodon mein takleef hai":

    Lara Dutta holding out a mic

    13. You know Marvel superheroes have nothing on these girls:

    The Powerpuff Girls cartoon

    14. And this picture makes you go "P-p-p-p-p-p-Pingu":

    Pingu cartoon

    15. You would give ANYTHING to get a hold of this pencil:

    Kinshuk Vaidya holding a large pencil

    16. You really believed that there was no one like her:

    Mona Singh wearing spectacles

    17. You got all your pals to fill in your "Slam Book" with nice things about you:

    A slam book page

    18. And you were always thrilled when a "testi" on Orkut came your way:

    A screenshot of someone's Orkut page

    19. You remember when saying "Hey Bhaggu" was where it was at:

    The cast of Remix wearing sunglasses

    20. And this was where you learnt most of your artistic skills from:

    Rob smiling

    21. You want these little Bytes of joy back desperately:

    Three packets of Cadbury Bytes

    22. Your parents forbade you from watching this show:

    The characters of the cartoon Shin Chan

    23. You had a major crush on this guy:

    Rajeev Khandelwal smiling

    24. You wished all teachers looked like this:

    Sushmita Sen walking

    25. This "best of both worlds" constantly lived in your mind, rent-free:

    Miley Cyrus smiling

    26. And as much as you loved this song, you felt that you were too young when this came on:

    Katrina Kaif looking at herself in a mirror

    27. You still believe that this little guy made MS Office so much more fun:

    The Microsoft Office helper paperclip

    28. You can smell this image:

    Erasers that look like fruits

    29. You were OBSESSED with these:

    Cards with details about Pokemons on them

    30. You couldn't stop thinking about the heart-breaking story behind this song:

    Lyrics of a song

    31. You believe you were one of the cool kids because you watched this:

    Ben 10 cartoon

    32. And, you miss your playlist looking like this:

    A picture of someone's music playlist