Argentina Won The 2022 FIFA World Cup And Desis Grabbed This Opportunity To Be Hilarious On Twitter


    1. For those of you who need it, here is the entirety of the 2022 FIFA World Cup explained by Bobby Deol:

    Twitter: @Bobbywood_

    2. This tweet perfectly sums up that match.

    Last time I saw so many twists in 120 minutes. #FIFAWorldCup

    Twitter: @navmikrishna

    3. This is my Multiverse of Madness!

    What is this crossover 🤣🤣🤣

    Twitter: @StokeyyG2

    4. I just can't...1.0.

    if maradona was alive today he would have snorted so much coke in happiness that he would have died today

    Twitter: @VishalDayama

    5. I just can't...2.0.

    Twitter: @Trendulkar

    6. This is, hands down, the best picture of Messi.

    Twitter: @xavierunclelite

    7. There just cannot ever be a sporting event without the mention of Kabir Khan. I don't make the rules.


    Twitter: @navmikrishna

    8. As they should!

    Kerala and Bengal Govt may declare holiday tomorrow #WorldCup

    Twitter: @adilhossain

    9. The biggest Argentina fans actually live 16,000 kilometres away from the country.

    Twitter: @preetha___

    10. Full movie shot and completed in 90 minutes.

    Akshay Kumar preparing for Messi's Biopic

    Twitter: @shibhhuu

    11. Well...

    Main Ronaldo ka dost bol raha hoon usne surf kha liya hai.

    Twitter: @Albert_Camuk

    12. Trust Salman bhai to have something to say.

    Twitter: @shreemiverma

    13. Facts.

    Yeh footballers jeetne ke baad jitna rote hai utna toh hamare cricketers haarne ke baad bhi nahi rote.

    Twitter: @HumorouslyVipul

    14. Of course, isi liye toh Argentina jeeti.

    SBI's all branches will be closed tomorrow as Argentina 🇦🇷 won the world cup

    Twitter: @MSDianAbhiii

    15. Girl, same.

    mbappe? is? 24? what the fuck am i doing with my life

    Twitter: @babubisleriiiii

    16. He is cute, he is fast, he is Bobby Deol in a cast.

    Twitter: @djfrankkie

    17. LinkedIn influenzas, it's your time to shine!

    I am petrified of tomorrow's Linkedin posts, featuring life lessons you would learn from the World Cup final.

    Twitter: @ovshake42

    18. Score!!!!

    Greatest win for Messi after BYJU's deal

    Twitter: @Trendulkar

    19. **&&????!!**

    Twitter: @komediangold

    20. Imma head out now.

    Twitter: @AniGuha

    21. And finally, can you not, ma'am?

    Argentina won. Perfect. But are you prepared for a Monday again?

    Twitter: @paneerchillli