17 Hilarious Memes That Will Only Make Sense To "Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai" Fans

    "O Twitter, o Twitter, tumne inn memes ko janam diya, sabse achcha karam kiya."

    1. This Twitter user knows exactly who we need to turn to in these difficult times:

    Twitter: @tubeeerhai

    2. This Twitter user who had the most Maya Sarabhai thing to say:

    Monisha beta jaadu tona is so bhuleshwar, kandivali, borivali Love spell bolo #Sarcasm #middleclass #SarabhaiVsSarabhai https://t.co/sT9gJrBcF7

    Twitter: @vaishnavjanato

    3. Here's another wonderful Maya-ism:

    Monisha beta "cops caught me" bolo, yeh "mama ne pakad liya" is just too middle class.

    Twitter: @TrafficGGM

    4. When Maya met Hansa from Khichdi:

    Monisha beta, "I'm tired of this shit" bolo, "main tou thakk gayi bhaisaab" is so middle class.

    Twitter: @KakarWithOneK

    5. Here's a BTS of Shark Tank India participants being trained for the show.

    Height of Indian startupism👇 Family WA groups are now sharing #SarabhaiVSSarabhai memes on seed funding:)

    Twitter: @amitranjan

    6. Well, it's true!

    Twitter: @TheGeniusStupid / Via Twitter: @TheGeniusStupid

    7. This HILARIOUS edit that has Hrithik Roshan articulating our collective love for Rosesh Sarabhai:

    The Roshan's love for Rosesh... it just doesn't work without it! #ferrerorocher #rocher #HrithikRoshan #rosesh #sarabhai #sarabhaivssarabhai #Diwali2022

    Twitter: @PishabhRant

    Ferrero Rosesh...I'll take 15!

    8. This adorable Twitter interaction between our dear Sahil and Monisha:

    The content I didn't know I needed today 🤌🏻😭 Monisha-Sahil forever favourites❤️ #SarabhaiVsSarabhai #MonishaSarabhai #SahilSarabhai #RupaliGanguly

    Twitter: @DA_Drishti

    9. Here's a meme to describe the family dynamics in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai:

    Haha loved this one 🤣 @sats45 #svs #sarabhaivssarabhai @sumrag @Rajesh_rosesh @TheRupali #best #series

    Twitter: @namitawagle

    Shoutout to Indravadan.

    10. This person who thought he ran into Monisha IRL:

    Yesterday I was in optical shop to get my glasses repaired... There i overheard a person saying.. " भैया चश्मे के साथ एक extra डब्बा और कपड़ा देना" My first reaction in mind was.. "OH COME ON MONISHA" #SarabhaiVSSarabhai #SVSFans Just #Monisha and @MaayaSarabhai things

    Twitter: @rjashutosh_

    It's the Monishas of the world that make life interesting.

    11. This meme hits home:

    12. This unexpected crossover:

    13. This one proves that there's a "Rosesh ki kavita" for every situation in life:

    14. I mean, EVERYTHING:

    15. Here's proof that the show also functions as astute social commentary:

    16. This one, that calls for the much needed "Icons Only" caption:

    17. And finally, this tweet that's simply made up of FACTS:

    #SarabhaivsSarabhai One does not watch Sarabhai vs Sarabhai only once.

    Twitter: @samarthpawaskar

    The song "Baar baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho" was in fact made in honour of this masterpiece of a show.