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People Share The High-Maintenance Things Their Cat Absolutely Requires

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1. This cat literally eats from a silver spoon.

"My kitten Raja is incredibly picky with food, and the other day she decided she only wanted to eat if I spoon-fed her because she couldn’t be bothered to eat on her own (but ate her sister's food out of the bowl immediately after)." —sheridanarotsky

2. This cat walks all over his owners...literally.

"My cat will hop onto the couch and walk all the way over both mine and my boyfriend’s laps (regardless of whether or not we have anything on our laps), before hopping onto the recliner next to the couch to lie down on. If we have any food on the coffee table, he also always manages to find a way to get his flooffy tail in it." —Alisa Kathol

3. This cat demands top-notch comfort.

"My cat will stare at me when I'm in bed until I lift up the blankets, but she won't stay unless I've made a little tent for her using pillows. She likes being under blankets, but she doesn't want the blankets to touch her. 😂" —acuppalife

4. This cat controls the schedule of the household.

"My cat is like a little alarm clock. Not only do I have to feed him around 7 a.m., but I also have to give him attention. 😻😂" —p4297b12eb

5. This cat plays with what she wants when she wants. And you can't do anything about it!

"My cat refuses to use any of the toys I got for her and ONLY plays with old shoelaces and hair ties. Also refuses to use the expensive cat tower/scratching posts I bought her." —d00dles

6. This cat basically gets a daily buffet.

"One of our cats has recently decided he doesn't want the same food for every meal...or even every other meal... We have to set his options out for him, buffet style, and he will choose which one he wants." —mauvetravels

7. This cat must approve house decor.

"My best friend's cat has to sniff each new candle brought into the house before it can be put away." —rachyll2

8. This cat needs you to keep mealtime interesting.

"I must stand over my elderly cat while she eats. Every 30 seconds or so, she walks away from her bowl and I must turn it, wiggle the food to the front, and ask her to come back. This lasts 20 minutes until she is finished. Oh, and the other 2 cats, who have scarfed down their food, lurk behind us, waiting for any opening to swoop in and eat hers." —jennyporterw

9. This cat rules over the kitchen.

"My cat Miso will meow unceasingly in the kitchen until pick him up and let him smell every ~ingredient~ that I'm cooking with. Once he's done this, he allows me to proceed making my meal. Clearly, he aspires to be a chef after watching Ratatouille with me several times." —elisechristinee

10. This cat just knows how to get what he wants.

"My kitty Binx will NOT allow me to open any blinds without picking him up to participate. He has to hold each wand as I twist them open, smell them, and once he's finished he'll meow incessantly to let me know he's had enough. It's a bizarre ritual and I only participate cuz he's too damn cute to refuse." —glolightly


"If my cat (Thor) deems I haven't been giving him enough attention, he will go to my shelf, knock off a book of his choosing, and proceed to rip it to shreds." —samantham46531ff01

How high-maintenance is your cat? Let us know in the comments below!

All images via Getty Images.

Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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