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What’s The Most High-Maintenance Thing Your Cat Absolutely Requires?

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Calling all cat owners! Does your cat know exactly how to use their cuteness to run your household?

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PURR-FECT! We want to hear about the high-maintenance things your cat gets away with because — let's face it — they deserve it!

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Maybe they won’t let you do any work until they receive the appropriate amount of treats...

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...or maybe they refuse to eat out of the bowl you bought specifically for them.

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Perhaps they have a special spot on the couch where you're most definitely not allowed to sit?

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Share images and stories below about your high-maintenance floof, and you could be featured in an upcoming post sponsored by Nutrish® Cat Treats. Real Recipes. Real Ingredients. Real Good.®

(Just a heads up — anything you send us is covered by the regular BuzzFeed User Terms.)