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4-Ingredient Mini Pancakes

Decorate these easy, mini pancakes with NUTELLA® hazelnut spread, using holiday decorating tools found inside limited edition jars! See more holiday recipes:

4 Ingredient Mini-Pancakes



Makes: 10 pancakes


1⁄2 cup cottage cheese

1⁄2 cup quick oats

3 eggs

Pinch of salt

10 teaspoons NUTELLA® Hazelnut Spread (1 teaspoon per pancake)


1. Place cottage cheese, quick oats, eggs, and salt in a blender. Blend until smooth.

2. Heat a nonstick skillet with cooking spray over medium heat. Ladle 2 tablespoons of

pancake batter for each pancake. Cook until bubbles appear on top, then flip. Cook until

the other side is golden. Repeat with the rest of the batter.

3. Place a stencil on top of a pancake. Use a small silicone spatula to swipe Nutella over

the stencil. Remove stencil to reveal design.

4. Enjoy!