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15 GIFs That Will Make You Smile

These GIFs will warm your heart. Spread the happy™".

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1. A kitten AND a baby?!?!

2. Groundhog flirtation at its best.

3. A parakeet in love.

4. A verrrry sneaky cat.

5. A baby trying salt and vinegar chips for the first time.

6. A kitten trying to stand its ground.

7. A cat in love.

8. A surprise flying squirrel.

9. A pup who just learned about tablet games.

10. Two pals who haven't seen each other in a while.

11. And two who have finally found each other.

12. A baby suddenly realizing he has toes.

13. A cub who doesn't want his friend to leave.

14. One who needs a bit more help.

15. And one who needs lots of it.

And, of course, Nutella® hazelnut spread on a waffle.

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