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36 Of The Best White Elephant Gifts Under $20

These are so great you might be tempted to keep them all to yourself (and not regret it at all).

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1. A funny soy wax Harry Potter candle for The Office fans that'll reveal who the Muggles are and who the escaped Azkaban prisoners are in your team 👀.

the candle, with a label that says "The Worst Thing about Prison was the Dementors"

2. A daily mood desk flip chart so your coworkers (aka your roommate and your dog) will see what kind of day you're having and know whether to leave you alone or join in on the fun.

3. A pack of The Mandalorian playing cards featuring everyone's fave, Baby Yoda, which will make every game even cuter and entertaining.

the cards

4. A pack of super artsy socks they'll enjoy Gogh-ing everywhere in.

5. A set of sweetgrass bath bombs to give them a luxurious and rejuvenating bath experience (which tbh everyone needs right about now). Olive oil and herbs moisturize, sweetgrass soothes, and Epsom salts loosen stiff joints. Skincare buffs will loooove.

the green bath bomb

6. A prim and proper mustached gentleman who will primly and properly hold their razor — no need to put it on the side of the tub anymore.

the gentleman holding a razor

7. A funky set of colorful pencils so the writer in your team won't have any trouble figuring out the right collective noun for animals like giraffes and peacocks for their children's story.

the set of pencils with each showing a collective noun for a certain animal in all caps

8. A fuzzy sloth throw pillow that everyone will actually be pretty quick to grab and cuddle — just look at that face!

the pillow

9. A mini heart-shaped waffle maker because everyone needs a breakfast made with care and love (and, you see, care and love just oozes from this little machine).

a heart-shaped waffle cut in half

10. And this bottle of organic gingerbread maple syrup they can pour on those waffles for the most delicious and envy-worthy breakfast ever.

the bottle

11. An art print the Oxford comma-defenders in your team will immediately grab, ready to argue their case because yes, this is a very grave issue, darn it!

the print, which says "support the oxford comma" written inside a big Oxford comma illustration

12. A tub of pumpkin gooey butter cake ice cream for a yummy fall twist to everyone's fave dessert. Or get the miso maple flavor, which is a vegan option! The sweet tooths in your group will jump on this immediately.

13. A mini cactus humidifier that'll have your coworker prick up the moment they see it. They'll appreciate the cactus puns and hydrated skin this winter!

the humidifier

14. A Bob Ross Funko figure to remind everyone to ~chillax~ (even though they may not chillax once someone steals this).

the figure

15. A golden brownstone chocolate bar that's probably way too gorgeous to eat but that doesn't mean chocolate-lovers won't find their way to it anyway.

chocolate bars that are gold and look like brownstone buildings

16. A boba tea light because there's always that one person looking for any excuse to treat themselves to bubble tea. Well, might as well get it in lamp form too. It's so realistic the boba moves around inside!

the lamp

17. The most adorable Pokémon bubble tea-themed enamel pins ever to decorate their fave jacket and show off their Pokémon + boba love to the world. Watch everyone challenge each other to a Pokémon battle over these!

18. An adjustable neck phone mount so they can catch up on The Haunting of Bly Manor without having to worry about their phone falling flat on their face.

model demonstrating use of neck mount

19. Fifty Shades of Chicken, a parody cookbook with hilariously seductive chicken recipes guaranteed to make them laugh — especially with names like "Dripping Thighs" and "Mustard-Spanked Chicken." So much better than their mom's basic cookbook, I daresay.

the cover, showing a chicken wrapped in rope, similar to bondage

20. A secret journal much better than traditional ones because not only is this filled with prompts that help them reflect, explore, and question new things about themselves but when they're done, they can keep it, bury it for their grandkids to find, throw it in the trash, or, ya know. Burn it.

the turquoise cover with a matchbox on it

21. A visual grocery list they can stick on their fridge and simply circle whatever they're out of instead of writing it down somewhere random and losing it. In one glance, they can see what they need. It's great for people who are more visual. Economical, efficient, and fun!

the visual list

22. A Nicolas Cage sequined throw pillow cover because it makes a perf gag gift they can cackle and chortle about.

a photo showing Cage's face on the cover and the different ways the sequined red side can be played with

23. A hilarious farting animals coloring book anyone with a sense of humor will ~clear the room~ for.

the cover

24. A Starbucks candle that'll have their home smelling like their fave coffee all the time. Caffeine-lovers will def fight over this one — especially with the cute recycled bottle!

the candle

25. Tequila Mockingbird, a funny cocktail book based on famous novels so they can indulge themselves with endless literary jokes, witty comments, and titles like The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose until they're just squealing with delight. While attempting to make said cocktails of course.

the cover

26. A set of cat butt magnets so claw-some and cute they should be illegal. You just might be tempted to take one.

the magnets on a refrigerator

27. This cute set of mini lipsticks too cute to deny! Heck, maybe they'll even be fought over.

the set of mini lipsticks

28. A miniature wacky inflatable tube guy ready to give them a laugh whenever they feel down in the dumps.

the tube guy

29. A mini screaming goat figure so they can have their own version of those viral screaming goat videos everyone loves. Press the button to hear it shriek and make everyone go "ahhhh!" in surprise!

30. A clip-on selfie ring light great for anyone looking to vamp up their selfie game. Sometimes your yellowish room light just ain't it.

31. A handy sticky note packet because really, these can come of use to anyone.

the sticky notes

32. A functional water tumbler to remind the recipient to drink their water!

the tumblers in different colors

33. A woven wall hanging for an effortless and dreamy exhibit of pattern on their rather plain (read: dull) room.

34. A scratch-off poster for 100 classic movies that the film buff will ~reely~ have a great time getting through!

the movie poster

35. A fun animal-shaped tabletop vacuum that'll keep their desk clean and also function as decor when it's not on the job!

the cow shaped vacuum

36. A cable yoyo so their headphones never get tangled again.

the cable yoyos

You as everyone else argues over your awesome white elephant gift:

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