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What's The Best Latinx Dessert From Your Country?

~'Cause every taste is ooh-la-la, it's true la-la-la~

Let's be real: dessert is the best part of every meal. And If you've got a huge sweet tooth, then this post is for you! In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we want to know what you think is the best Latinx dessert from your country and why.

Maybe you're from Brazil and you love the chocolatey-ness of brigadeiros.

Maybe your family's Bolivian and you think everyone has to try pasteles de queso at least once before they die.

Or perhaps you've visited Peru and thought suspiro de limeña was the best thing you've ever tasted.

So which Latinx dessert do you think everyone needs to try and why? Don't keep it a secret — whatever you think is the best, we want to know what's so great about it! Tell us in the comments below and it might be featured in a BuzzFeed post or video 🍮.

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