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    40 Things Your Friends Will Probably Want Too Once They See Them

    Guess you'll just have to buy two of each because sharing is too much separation anxiety.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A little elephant planter that'll add some green to your space so that the park isn't an excuse to go outside anymore.

    2. An insulated travel drinking tumbler that all your friends will squeal over because it's just that cute. I mean, look at that koala. Look at it!

    3. A pack of cat magnets that are so ridiculously adorable they should be illegal.

    4. A Totoro desk lamp to guard you through the night and make you smile every time you see it. Its umbrella and belly both light up, and the umbrella is bendable. You'll be darned if you're giving this to anyone else!

    5. A pack of cat-shaped sticky notes that you can use as bookmarks, memos, reminders...these cuties will always be here to help!

    6. A set of cactus tealight candles so you get your cute succulent fix and cute candle fix in one. Remember to watch out if one goes missing.

    7. A hand mirror shaped like this sassy bunny because life is too short for bunny-less hand mirrors. Throw it in your bag or purse and wow your friends each time you take it out.

    8. A set of lovable ceramic cat measuring spoons to elevate your cooking/baking experience from "eh" to "aw!"

    9. An adorable pony pong-pong cushion named Mang that you can cuddle with to sleep. Oof, my heart.

    10. An egg bun makeup sponge to blow your friends' plain old makeup sponges out of the water. They'll wonder why theirs looks so boring in comparison.

    11. A creative literary bar of soap that'll smell cozy and fresh and make you feel all fuzzy inside.

    12. A pack of suction cup cat phone holders that'll be very happy to hold your phone at a moment's notice!

    13. A tea infuser in the shape of the Loch Ness Monster for a most legendary and mythical tea experience ☕.

    14. A boba tea light because I know you're always looking for any excuse to treat yourself to bubble tea. Well, might as well get it in lamp form too. It's so realistic the boba moves around inside!

    15. A very helpful and friendly cat-shaped note dispenser that looks like it could also be your therapist. Even when you're having a bad day, you'll have something to smile about.

    16. A set of magical waterproof fairy lights to hang on your walls or curtains so any room will instantly be transformed into a dazzling and cozy fairy den.

    17. A cute tea tin based on your fave children's classic. It'll be filled with a fruity tea blend of your choice so you can kick back, enjoy life, and be a child again.

    18. A Tonymoly panda hand cream you'll always be happy to use. It intensely hydrates and soothes with bamboo sap and manuka honey while niacinamide brightens and leaves your hands soft and holdable. Also, cute packaging is everything, guys.

    19. A mobile phone holder with a cute little alien exercising to keep your phone nice and steady. It's far from boring and will make you smile every time you reach for your phone (which is probably like 100 times a day, which means 100 smiles!).

    20. A mini screaming goat figure. It's a real-life version of those viral screaming goat videos you love. Have them press the button to hear it shriek and make everyone around you laugh or jump in surprise. And if it suddenly goes missing, don't blame me.

    21. A spaghetti monster colander strainer so you can strain your pasta, rice, and vegetables in style.

    22. A sushi cat keychain because you know this is what you've been waiting for your whole life.

    23. A hilarious book of cocktail recipes based on famous novels. Indulge in endless literary jokes, witty comments, and titles like The Pitcher of Dorian Grey Goose — it's genius.

    24. A pair of plush and cute animal sock slippers to make you laugh and also keep your feet nice and toasty with fuzzy lining and insulation from the cold, foam-padded soles, and anti-slip support.

    25. A lovable animal ring holder. Your vanity will finally be cleared of all your loose rings, earrings, and other too-small pieces, *and* you get a new critter friend!

    26. A cute little card that you can keep as a reminder for yourself that you are udderly wonderful too. That is, until your friends want similar reminders for themselves!

    27. A funny beanie that'll bring both the humor and the style to every winter outfit you have. Who's doin' it like you?

    28. A bunny gloss bar to moisturize your lips with vitamin E while imparting a sweet natural tint and shine. Each one has a different fruity scent, shade, and bunny expression so you can choose whichever one tickles your fancy because bunnies are the best.

    29. A roll-on migraine relief stick everyone will cry over (and then smile). Loaded with therapeutic essential oils like peppermint and spearmint, this will ease headaches and is small enough to carry in your purse.

    30. A Too Cool For School Facial Tonic provides your skin with a shot of hydration with moisturizing ingredients like mastic oil and ceramides. It also preps for the next steps in your skin routine so you can use this as a toner and a daily mist. Get that dewy glow, bae ✨.

    31. A set of colorful enamel brooches for adding plenty of personality and spunk to everything from jean jackets to backpacks to hats to wallets.

    32. A notebook with a very friendly sloth – it'll remind you how awesome you are every time you open it to jot down your thoughts. Sloths are great.

    33. A combo pack of 16 K-beauty sheet masks your friends will beg you to share with them. The masks contain vitamin E and collagen for supple, hydrated skin. Each one targets different concerns so you can choose whichever one your skin needs that day, kick back, and let the mask do its work. Perf skin all the time? Yes, please!

    34. A compact smart DJ controller from Pioneer DJ for all your music mixing and partying needs. DJ for fun or turn it into something creative — your friends will be left wanting more for sure.

    35. A woven wall hanging for an effortless and dreamy exhibit of pattern on your rather plain (read: dull) room. "Where did you get that?" they'll all ask you.

    36. A way too cute flash drive for happily storing all your precious memories in a safe place.

    37. A water gel tint shaped like a mini ice cream bar. It'll hydrate your lips with soap berry extract, and tints completely, leaving you with juicy, flattering color.

    38. An animal egg separator that's so cute and useful it'll make you excited for the unexciting act of separating egg yolks from egg whites.

    39. A wallpaper of pretty constellations so you can spruce up your walls and bring the night sky into your home.

    40. A sweet ceramic llama mug that'll keep you company on rainy days when you want some coffee. Or just spice up your shelf décor!

    Your friends looking at all your things, waiting to cop them:

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