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    22 Things You Won't Just Use This Summer But *Every* Summer

    Whether it's something super innovative or a must-have basic, you'll be glad you invested in these summer products.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A trio of mimosa sugar cubes to spice up hot summer afternoons! Drop one into a glass of champagne and watch as it instantly turns into a mimosa or bellini cocktail, complete with bubbles, color, and fruit pieces — it's like magic.

    the mimosa sugar cubes along with a glass of mimosa
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "These cubes will undoubtedly fizz away into my cart again! This was a lovely gift for my mimosa-loving friend. It was both something I knew she would really enjoy using, but also made for an interesting and unexpected gift. I liked that I could theme her birthday around mimosas and went as far as pairing the cubes with orange-flavored cookies, a silly mimosa card, and of course a gorgeous bottle of prosecco. We spent the evening sipping on mimosas and when we ran through the prosecco moved onto a bottle of moscato. Having gone through both bottles we only used two cubes a piece. They were perfect!" —Katie

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $30 (available in two flavors).

    2. A mason jar indoor herb garden for growing your own summer herbs even if you don't have an actual garden. These planters use a passive hydroponic system, meaning you don't have to worry about whether the soil has the right amount of water. Growing becomes easy, and soon, you'll have your own home-grown cilantro to garnish your meal!

    the mason jar planters with different herbs
    Uncommon Goods

    Plant the seeds of your choice, put water in the reservoir, place the jar in a sunny spot, and that's it! The self-watering jar options include all organic Genovese basil, cilantro, mint, Greek oregano, flat leaf parsley, and sage. This is designed for year-round indoor use. The plant food doesn't expire! You can also find instructions and tips here.

    Promising review: "This was a Mother's Day gift and Mom absolutely LOVES it! She was excited to plant the seeds even before she realized it is hydroponic. Now she's absolutely thrilled with this basil planter jar. I also gave her the parsley jar, which she loves just as much." —Kim

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $20 (available in six herbs).

    3. And a pair of herb scissors because it'll make cutting those herbs a breeze. Preparing your fave summer meals will get so much easier.

    Hands using the scissors to chop scallions

    There's also a cleaning comb built into the storage cover to make removing any herbs stuck in the blades nice and easy!

    Promising review: "These scissors are the best tool ever! Instead of chopping up my fresh herbs and scraping them into whatever dish I'm making, I just hold the herbs over the dish and clip away. Fast, convenient, no mess, no fuss. In the morning, when I'm preparing a fresh salad to take to work, instead of having to drag out the knife and cutting board I just snip the fresh basil into the salad. If you flip the cover of the scissors around, the slotted side slides out the bits stuck in the scissors. Quick, easy and no waste. Love it!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $11.99.

    4. An underarm scrub for clean, bright, and pretty armpits (can armpits be pretty??) so you can wear your tank tops and sleeveless dresses with confidence. This uses coconut, charcoal, apricot seed, and green tea leaf to soften and brighten. Though it's marketed for transitioning to natural deodorant, you can use it any time for clean, nonsmelly underarms!


    This is paraben-, sulfate-, aluminum- and mineral oil-free. It's also vegan and cruelty-free and made with recycled material.

    Promising review: "This product is marketed for those transitioning from regular deodorant to natural. I use it every time I shower. This stuff is soo great! The scrub is not harsh and makes my skin soft and the charcoal lightens any darkness and purifies. The light smell of coconut is delicious! Not overpowering at all. Would absolutely recommend whether transitioning or not. It's perfect for everyday use."MiKu82215

    Get it from Amazon for $15.

    5. A Dear Dahlia matte liquid lipstick that's super lightweight with a silky cloud-like finish (who needs heavy, drying lipstick in the heat?) and dreamy summer-appropriate shades you'll want to wear with every outfit. Infused with the dahlia flower extract, these are long-lasting and buildable and everyone will ask where you got it 😉.

    Nusrat Sultana / BuzzFeed, / Via @deardahlia_beauty

    This is my newest obsession. I love the texture of these lipsticks — it's very different from other liquid lips — as well as how light and airy they are on the lips while still giving off vivid color. It just feels so luxurious and the shades are flattering too. The dahlia flower extract means they smell so good, which doesn't hurt either! That's me above, wearing shades Delicate and Tender together!

    Get it from Dear Dahlia for $31 (available in eight shades) or a collection of six mini shades for $18.

    6. A hydrating face mist to refresh your skin during midday slumps and super hot days. With its lightweight blend of Jeju Island-sourced green tea, it gives dull skin a dose of hydration, which means a dewy glow and no more dry patches. Use it as a daily mist or after makeup for that glow and you'll be going through your day in full ~bloom.~


    The green tea is sourced from Innisfree's USDA-organic farm on South Korea’s Jeju Island. It boasts 16 hydrating amino acids.

    Get it from Innisfree: the full size for $17 and the mini size for $4.90 (originally $7).

    7. A microwave s'mores maker so you can recreate the joy of camping and the magic of a summer campfire right in your kitchen. Yum!

    The tool in a microwave

    Promising review: "Works great and the s’mores tasted great! This is perfect for when you want a s’more, but don’t want to start a fire!" —J DiBlasio

    Get it from Amazon for $17.15.

    8. A silky Missha sun milk if you, like everyone, hate the infamous oiliness and white cast of many sunscreens. It has a super lightweight texture more like an essence than a thick lotion, which is what I love about it! Packed with flower extracts, it has SPF 50, doesn't create a white cast, enhances skin tone, and leaves a soft matte finish (perf for makeup). A star, this one!,

    The Soft Finish Sun Milk leaves a powdery, soft matte finish that keep you looking fresh — great for oily types. The Essence Sun Milk is more hydrating and soothing, moisturizing skin so it's perfect for dry and sensitive skin types.

    Promising review: "I love everything about this product! Will never use anything else. The smell is wonderful and fresh. I love the feel of it. It goes on smooth and makes my skin just feel and look amazing. I always have issues with sunblock burning my eyes and I have no issues at all with this one. I slather it around my eyes. I have dark circles and sun damage the most around this area. It does not get greasy or look greasy, that is another issue I have with any facial sunblock I have used. I have combination oily and acne prone skin. My skin has never looked better." —Angelina Sarmiento

    Get them from Amazon: the Soft Finish Sun Milk for $14 and the Essence Sun Milk for $18.

    9. A stainless-steel Bougie Water Bottle that's so good you'll never want to live another summer without it. And if you're doubting, the double-walled insulation, leak-proof flip 'n sip lid (so you don't have to keep unscrewing the cap), and that gorgeous artwork should convince you! Plus, it doesn't do that thing where the water tastes stale after a few hours. Fun fact: it can hold an entire bottle of wine. Bougie indeed!

    @mybougiebottle / Via, @mybougiebottle / Via

    It keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks warm for 12 hours. The straw allows you to sip your drink instead of tilting the bottle, which comes in handy when you're busy doing something else! It's durable and comes with two straws, a pipe cleaner, and a protective bag. Plus, it's eco-friendly, rust-proof, and BPA-free. It's also big enough that it can last you the whole day.

    Promising review: "Absolutely love this water bottle! Keeps my water ice cold all day, fits perfectly in my cup holder in my car, and it's so beautiful! It looks like it's hand-painted and I get so many compliments on it!" —Jasmine

    Get it from My Bougie Bottle for $39.99 (available in three patterns).

    10. A pack of Mediheal hydrating sheet masks to quench your parched skin so you can kick those dry patches out the door! These intensive masks contain supercharged ingredients like hyaluronic acid to help maintain your skin's natural moisture levels and keep it soft and supple. Because you'd rather enjoy summer than deal with rough flaky skin.

    the mask in water

    The masks contain hyaluronic acid, amino acids and water-binding sugars. The formula is free of artificial colors, parabens, sulfates, alcohol, mineral oil and silicone.

    Promising review: "I love the product and the value! I can't wait to order more! I've made this part of my routine, and I'm so glad I did. My skin is already changing for the better because I'm taking the time to care for it. After washing and toning my face, I love wearing these sheet masks. There is a lot of product on them, and it makes a noticeable difference in how soft and clear my skin is, after using them each day. Highly recommend!" —Teacher Marilyn

    Get a five-pack from Amazon for $9.95 (also available in a 10-pack).

    11. A lovely Vellabox candle subscription that'll make every summer sweet, cozy, and captivating. What's even more perfect is that the all-natural scents are curated to the season and the containers add to your decor so well, you'll want to light one up every evening. If you want just one candle, you can get that too!


    It's also super affordable! And if you're wondering, my favorite scent is the mandarin and mimosa! I've got my eye on the eucalyptus rain next.

    Get the subscription from Vellabox for $10+/month (available in three sizes); individuals candles start at $12+ (available in more than 20 scents).

    12. A pack of of heavy-duty, eco-friendly and machine-washable, reusable bamboo towels so you don't have to waste a million paper towels cleaning up juice spills when all you're trying to do is have a nice cold drink in the heat. And you can do your part in being kind to the earth!

    Model's hands holding a small watermelon in bamboo towel under running water

    BuzzFeed staff writer John Mihaly loves these! Here's what he has to say:

    "You don't realize how many paper towels you go through in a day until you run out of them (and can't easily restock your supply). Using these bamboo towels (which were recommended by a coworker) changed the way I approached cleaning up household messes. These were great for taking care of the kitchen counter top throughout the day (especially while trying to feed a toddler). Didn't quite make it to the six-month mark on one roll but that's certainly a goal!"

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in three quantities).

    13. These disposable insect traps you can put in your plants to attract flies, gnats, midges, and other species of those pesky things that always multiply by a thousand in the summer. Now you can keep your house bug-free and go about your summers in peace.,

    My colleague Heather Braga swears by this! Here's what she has to say:

    "There is NOTHING more irritating than gnats or any other tiny insects invading your home. I have these Sticky Stakes in every potted plant I own and they actually really work! Each pack comes with seven traps, so feel free to stock up."

    Get a pack of seven from Amazon for $5.04.

    14. These washable fridge bin liners because they'll keep your fruits and veggies from staining and leaking all over your fridge and making things smell. Now you can have your fave fruits to quench the summer heat without worrying about it making its mark on your fridge.

    the fridge liners

    Promising review: "I can't stand a dirty fridge. All those little crumbs. These have been a blessing in keeping my fridge clean and tidy. They look nice, too. I do like that you can cut them down to customize the size for each bin or shelf. I find that they also work well to prevent odors and are quite absorbent. Haven't needed to put in wash yet, but the material appears sturdy enough for that." —TillyFlotz

    Get a set of three from Amazon for $6.49.

    15. An amazing soft-serve maker that transforms your favorite frozen fruit into yummy (and nutritious) soft serve. It's so good you won't feel any yearning when the ice cream truck's jingles ring through your neighborhood.

    The machine making strawberry soft serve

    You can add flavors like chocolate too, and the chute, plunger, and blade are dishwasher-safe!

    Promising review: "Easy, fast, and works amazingly well. LOVE this product! Now I have something to do with all my bananas. Also, it makes really good acai bowls (packets from Costco). It's easy, fast, relatively quiet, and cleans up easy. What else can be said. If you have kids, they will love helping you make soft serve ice cream. We made pineapple last night — so yummy." —CMA

    Get it from Amazon for $45.22.

    16. A Klorane dry shampoo to not just nix oil and odor but also volumize so your hair no longer looks fine, limp, and greasy, even when you're sweating buckets. It uses organic oat milk, rice starch, and other gentle plant-based ingredients, which soothe, refresh, and rid hair of that grease-fueled shine (*shudder*).

    before and after of a model's hair, showing limp oily hair before, then fresh volumized hair after using product
    @kloraneusa / Via

    This is gentle enough for sensitive scalps. It's also vegan and comes in recyclable packaging.

    Promising review: "With baby fine and oily hair, I’ve been trying my best to only wash my hair every other day. I’ve tried several others that I’ve forgotten about, but Klorane beats them all. Great scent that isn’t overpowering, blends in great, doesn’t make my hair feel gross, and (most importantly) it actually works. This is the only brand where I actually can’t remember if I used it or not because it does THAT good of a job." —TriGirl11

    Get it for $20 from Amazon and Sephora (available in three sizes).

    17. Or an actual shampoo like Aveda's purifying shampoo that uses organic rosemary, peppermint, and spearmint to energize oily hair, revitalize and cool your scalp, and relieve itchiness without disrupting your scalp's natural balance — because we all know how hair can get in the summer. Ick!

    The shampoo

    This has a 97% naturally derived purifying formula. It's free of silicone, parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, and animal ingredients.

    Promising review: "The best I've used. Literally five stars. My scalp is oily, itchy, I have dandruff and the buildup was crazy. I used this shampoo today and also used the conditioner. My hair has shine, my scalp feels nourished again, and most importantly — my hair has life. If this shampoo continues to soothe my scalp this way, I'll never use another shampoo again."Sar

    Get it from Aveda for $17.

    18. A cold brew maker so you can celebrate summer with a nice cup of iced coffee every morning without having to leave your house. Who wins at life? That's right, you.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / BuzzFeed

    Check out our Takeya Cold Brew Maker review to learn why my colleague loves it so much, and see what won our picks for the best cold brew makers that we tried and tested ourselves!

    Promising review: "I don't know how I ever functioned without this. It's my first cold coffee brewer. I'm usually a daily drive-thru cold coffee drinker. I haven't purchased a coffee for two weeks since having this! I found it super easy to brew. I usually just add milk and a flavored liquid creamer. I also made a simple syrup and use that with a little milk sometimes. I haven't made a single glass of iced coffee that I couldn't drink. So simple! Don't hesitate to try it!" —Jennifer

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    19. A Benefit Cosmetics rose-gold highlighter for a silky, summery, and iridescent golden glow on the cheeks that the world will envy.

    Sephora, Benefit

    Promising review: "This really is a must-have product. I was skeptical but decided to try this highlighter after ready glowing reviews. I am so glad I did because this highlighter truly gives the appearance of perfect glowing skin without making my skin look oily. Every time I wear this, I have a great 'skin' day with lightly glowing skin. It seems to set my blush in addition to providing the perfect glow. You can build the glow for a more obvious highlight, which I do at night for going out. I have tried highlighters from Becca, Hourglass, C. Tilbury, CoverFx, and many more. Tickle Highlighter is at the top of my favorite list."nycgal123

    Get it from Sephora for $30.

    20. A cooling gel memory foam pillow because it supports your head, neck, and shoulders, and absorbs heat so you can enjoy a comfortable night of sleep every night! It also prevents annoying allergies from ruining your Z's.

    Three of the pillows stacked on a bed

    Heads-up: According to the reviews, the pillow will likely arrive flat due to shipping needs but it will fluff up once you take it out and let it sit for a while.

    Promising review: "I cannot believe how huge of a difference the right pillow is for a great night's sleep! After looking at Wayfair and reading tons of reviews on different pillows, I finally ordered this one. I am so GLAD I did. I didn't toss and turn at all like I used to. It is firm enough to hold your head in a great position but not too firm where you feel like you are laying on a rock... It is a great value, especially for the price. When it first arrives, it is rolled up in tight plastic packaging. You need to remove the package and let sit out on a flat surface for a couple of hours to regain the full shape. There is a slight odor at first but like other things, it goes away. I also love that there is a removable cover for washing. Very comfortable!" —Rick

    Get it from Wayfair for $28.99+ (available in two sizes)

    21. A pack of oil-blotting sheets made with natural bamboo charcoal to whisk away the oil on your entire face anytime, anywhere, any day. The sheets are soft, don't disturb makeup, and come with 100 in a pack so they last forever. Just blot and you'll be good as new!,

    These have been my go-to oil blotters for years now. I love them and I think nothing else works quite as well! They're effective and make you look fresh again in seconds. I can't get enough and always buy two or three together for fear of not having any as backup when I run out!

    Promising review: "This works great. I used to purchase the Clean and Clear sheets and the oil on my face would reappear within 15–20 minutes. What I have noticed with the Natural Oil Blotting Papers is once I use it, I can go hours before I would have to use another sheet. I highly recommend this product for anyone who suffers from excess facial oil." —Jermaine

    Get it from Amazon for $6.95 (available in three scents and multipacks)

    22. A moisturizer-serum hybrid that'll leave you with plump, supple skin. It's light as water yet hydrating with honey, glycerin, and ceramides — perf for summer. Fruit oils brighten, and honey, an anti-inflammatory, soothes. All at an almost unbelievable price point. I love this so much sometimes I have nightmares they'll stop selling it 😳.

    the product and a swatch of the moisturizer, showing its light, milky, gel-like texture
    Peach and Lily

    Promising review: "This stuff is amazing! I never want to be without it again. When I sleep with it on over my serums, I wake up glowy. But it’s also perfect for daytime use, which is a difficult find for me usually because I get oily and live in the South. The ingredients are wonderful, it’s only improved my skin, and the price point is fantastic! A must-have." —Kat

    Get it from Peach & Lily for $11.99.

    You ready to take the summer on with these great products:

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