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    28 Things That Work So Well You'll Want All Your Descendants To Know About Them

    Don't be surprised if your descendants send you thank you notes from the future.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A foldable wooden clothing rack to function as an extended wardrobe so that when the rest of your clothes don't fit into your tiny closet, you don't have to keep them strewn all over your chair and bed. It has a bottom shelf for extra storage and will look super chic in your room! "Wow, she was great at efficiency and interior decorating," —your descendants.

    2. A soap brow kit as it makes your natural brows look thicker and fluffier à la Lily Collins and sets brow hairs in place with its natural formula so you don't even need to go in with extra color or shading if that's not your thing. If you've wanted to rock fluffy, natural brows since forever, now's your chance!

    Progression photo showing reviewer's natural brows, the brows with the soap applied, and the brows with soap and powder applied

    3. A reversible and portable canvas boba tea holder that can also work for water bottles that don't have handles! This way, you don't have to carry around your bubble tea or leave it behind if you're going somewhere and have nowhere to put it. Your descendants will admire you for being so ahead of your time.

    Printed canvas holder with an elastic to hold your straw

    4. A pair of waterproof Birkenstock Arizona sandals to let you fashionably go about rainy, non-rainy, and beach days with no problem. These are super lightweight, durable, washable, so no worries about griminess!

    two reviewers's pairs of feet: one in blue, the other in pink Birkenstocks

    5. BYO Blush, a one-of-a-kind color-changing vegan and cruelty-free blush oil that reacts to the pH of your skin and actually changes color to adjust to your tone! You get a pretty flush and your own shade of blush perf just for you. That means you literally don't even need to think about if the blush matches your fit for the day! It's also made with skincare ingredients so you can actually *gasp* sleep in it and wake up with good skin!

    6. A cooling elevated pet bed with breathable fabric so you don't have to spend time on your balcony without your precious fur buddy. They can lounge with you, meaning you won't have to go back inside to check on them and they won't have to lie on the hot floor. This allows airflow on all sides and has a suspended platform for optimal comfort.

    7. A set of Schick dermaplaning razors for taking care of peach fuzz, upper lip hair, chin hair, and any other stray hairs that annoy you. Reviewers say shaving peach fuzz also helps makeup apply more evenly. Your descendants will "ooh" and "aah" over your summer looks.

    8. A beverage chiller perf for this summer — now, when you need a quick cup of iced coffee to perk you up for that Zoom meeting, your fresh, hot cup can be cooled in under ~two minutes~ without having to dilute it with one too many ice cubes. Whoop-whoop!

    coffee being poured from the chiller

    9. A waterproof and stain-resistant faux marble granite adhesive to give a classy and inexpensive instant upgrade to your furniture.

    Faux white and granite covering a white desk

    10. A citrus-scented toilet spray you spritz in the bowl before you go so no one is the wiser as to what you did in the bathroom 😉. What's better than stopping the smell before it's even happened? Honestly, you can use this anywhere in the house to rid the air of strong odors!

    the spray

    11. A set of Meebak's Cica Sheet Masks, which use damask rose, cherry blossom, green tea, and of course, cica, to hydrate, brighten, soothe, and cool damaged, irritated skin. The masks themselves are silky soft and will feel so nice, you'll never want to take them off. Your skin will be feeling like velvet and your descendants will be left wondering where you got them from!

    the sheet mask and its package

    12. An inexpensive self-grooming cat brush that'll probably put your cat in kitty heaven. It's wall-mountable so you don't have to hold it, helps remove and collect loose cat hair, and encourages your cat to use their senses and natural instincts indoors!

    13. A lighted umbrella to provide shade in the daytime and illuminate your balcony like magic at nighttime! You can adjust its height and tilting positions, thanks to the adjustable crank lift system.

    14. A snail mucin essence because it moisturizes and enhances your skin's natural glow and does a whole lot of other good stuff. The idea of anything slimy on your face may creep you out but snail mucin is actually a miracle ingredient in the K-beauty world because of its abilities to prevent and repair damage, hyperpigmentation, dryness, and acne until your skin's elasticity is at its best!

    the bottle with swatch of the liquid texture on hand

    15. A grout pen so you can cover up the nasty dirt and grime that accumulates in your tile cracks without having to sit there scrubbing away all night like Cinderella, like you thought you'd have to. Everybody say, "Thank you, grout pen."

    16. A 10-in-1 leave-in spray that (and don't ask me how) literally does everything you'd need in a hair spray, including conditioning, detangling, heat protecting, preventing breakage, smoothing, controlling frizz, boosting shine, and strengthening. Also, that's not even the whole list. Yep.

    two of the spray bottles of leave-in conditioner

    17. A super cuddly orthopedic dog bed — it comes with an attached blanket to mimic your own bed if your furry friend likes to burrow into your side when sleeping. This bed gives them their own space and keeps them warm and you won't accidentally smush them when rolling over; plus, reviewers say the bolsters make their pets feel more secure! That's one less worry for you!

    puppy in the dog bed

    18. A bug bite suction tool that'll provide almost instant relief from itchiness and remove insect venom, saliva, and other irritants left by a bite. No chemicals needed! You'll finally be able to step out for some sun without fear of returning with a million mosquito bites.

    19. A pair of charcoal shoe deodorizers for ridding your shoes of the stinky goodness that always inevitably occurs in the nasty summer heat. You'll actually be able to wear your fave shoes with the outfit they go with *perfectly.*

    The deodorizers in multiple pairs of shoes

    20. A collagen hair treamtent because it restores the purity of your hair and makes it look as if you haven't tormented it for years with heat and sun damage. It repairs your strands and gives your hair that healthy look!

    21. A set of anti-chafe lace bands so you can finally walk in your favorite dresses without your thighs making you miserable.

    22. An uber-popular oven cleaner so strong it'll fight the most stubborn stains and get 'em off overnight but that is also gentle enough that you don't need protective gloves to use it. It'll make cleaning up your messes easy when you're trying to make something new this summer.

    23. A Sioris face mist for use as a nourishing toner, mist, and serum for your thirsty skin. It's made with 78% organic fruit water (sourced from green plum or yuja) and oils like macadamia for long-lasting moisture. The ingredients are harvested in Korea during peak season for freshness!

    the mist bottle in size small and large

    24. A nonstick electric George Foreman grill that's especially perfect for apartments and small spaces because that shouldn't stop you from fulfilling your burger cravings! And thanks to its removable stand, it suits both the outside and the inside. It's also easy to clean and you don't need butter and oil either!

    The grill with corn, steaks, and veggie kabobs cooking at the same time

    25. This ~magical~ pack of Miracle-Gro water storing crystals if you're not great with plants. This will help prevent you from over- and under-watering, while also reducing ~water stress~ and protecting your plants from heat and drought. Magic indeed!

    26. This Kulfi Kajal Eyeliner that'll give you a super creamy glide and texture, and long-lasting, non-budging color so all you really need to do is line and you're done. A holy grail for sure, it also has aloe vera and vitamin E to help moisturize and act as antioxidants. No more runny eyes! Whoop-whoop!

    27. A cuticle oil to condition and strengthen nails and soften cuticles so you can show off those pretty hands and nails when you're out and about with no insecurity! We (and your descendants) all deserve that 😌.

    before and after of reviewer's nails looking brittle, then looking clear and strong after using oil

    28. A dishwasher cleaning tablet for anyone who was today years old when they learned that yes, they need to clean their dishwasher. These will get rid of those mysterious stains and smells on your plates so you won't have to spend hours scrubbing away at them.

    Your descendants at getting their hands on these: