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    26 Things To Watch On Disney+ When You'd Rather Be Anywhere But Home

    You can't tie thousands of balloons to your house and fly away but you can watch these!

    We can't travel freely this summer because of quarantine and the pandemic but all hope is not lost! Disney+ has you covered with a whole range of movies that not only take you to different places around the world, but also to different time periods and cultures. The variety is spectacular!

    So buckle up and get ready to travel ✈️ with these amazing movies on Disney+ without having to leave your home!

    1. Big Hero 6 (San Fransokyo)

    2. Aladdin (1992 and 2019, Agrabah)

    3. Mulan (1998 and 2020, China, Han Dynasty)

    4. Moana (the Polynesian island of Motunui)

    5. The Jungle Book (2016, the jungles of India)

    6. Coco (Santa Cecilia, Mexico)

    7. Zootopia (the city of Zootopia)

    8. Annie (New York City in 1933, The Great Depression era)

    the cast of "Annie"

    9. The Blue Umbrella (Urban city life)

    10. The Princess and the Frog (New Orleans in 1926)

    11. Lilo & Stitch (Kauaʻi, Hawaii)

    12. Alice in Wonderland (1951 and 2010, Wonderland and England in 1871)

    13. WALL-E and BURN-E (Earth in the 29th century, and the spacecraft Axiom)

    14. Finding Nemo and Finding Dory (the Great Barrier Reef; Sydney; Morro Bay, California; and Cleveland)

    15. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (Paris, 1502)

    16. Penguins (Antarctica)

    The penguin

    17. Up (Paradise Falls, Venezuela)

    18. Maleficent and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (The Moors, a magical forest realm, and Aurora's kingdom)

    19. The Chronicles of Narnia series (Narnia and London, World War II era)

    20. All the Thor films (Asgard; Tønsberg, Norway; New Mexico; and Sakaar, the garbage planet)

    21. Elephant (Kalahari Desert and Victoria Falls, Southern Africa)

    the elephants

    22. Brave (Medieval Scotland)

    23. Black Panther (Wakanda)

    24. Monkey Kingdom (the jungles of Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka)

    the monkeys

    25. Mary Poppins (London in 1910, the Edwardian era)

    26. Born in China (Qinghai Plateau, Western China)

    the panda and her baby

    Are you ready for all these incredible trips? Then get your Disney+ subscription now for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. And if you’re not ready to commit, you can test it out free for seven days! Now, get flyin'!

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