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    23 Things To Help You Deal With Tedious Problems

    Problems never end but if a screen cleaner or some teeth-whitening strips lessen them just a teensy bit, then these have done their job.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A portable charger with a load of power so if you leave the house without checking your phone battery again, well, you need not worry anymore. This has got your back.

    The charger

    This has two USB ports to charge two devices at a time, and it holds enough juice to charge *more than* THREE iPhone 8s.

    Promising review: "This thing is amazing and I’d give it 20 stars If I could!! You will NOT be disappointed! My phone was at 48%, I plugged this in, and in 45 minutes it was up to 100% with plenty of charge left in the charger bank!! I plug it in at night after I use it and it’s fully recharged in a couple of hours — and it has awesome light to show you how much it’s charged. It’s flat and fits in my purse or pool bag perfectly. The quality is fantastic and better than any other bank I’ve owned!!" —shayk

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    2. A versatile Fur Oil (you may remember it from Shark Tank!) that's specially designed for your pubic hair but can actually be used on your underarms, legs, chest, face — anywhere hair grows really. It clears pores, helping to banish those ingrown hairs, bumps, and razor burn, soothes irritation post-shaving, and softens prickly stubble. With daily use, you'll get smoother skin and regrowth of hair will be finer.

    the oil bottle
    @fur_you / Via

    Promising review: "This is one of the best purchases I’ve made. I am an African American woman with very curly hair. I love getting waxed but had the worst hair bumps. I discovered this product. Its directions are to use once every day after taking a shower and drying off and the hair bumps were gone after two days. The bottle is small but I can’t go without it now. It’s the only thing that has worked for me. I highly recommend." —ambr78709

    Get it from Amazon for $28.

    3. These mischievous sock monsters to keep your socks together in the washing machine so you never again have to wonder where the heck the other sock went. Your socks will stay together — they were made for each other after all 😛.

    the sock monsters in different colors scattered about, some holding socks, some empty

    Promising review: "These sock monsters save me time pairing my socks after doing laundry! I just use a sock monster to put my socks together before I put them in the hamper, throw them in the wash/dryer, and they are still together when it’s time to put them back! A simple addition to my routine!" —Jessica

    Get it from Amazon for $12.60 (eight pieces per pack).

    4. A pack of enamel-safe coconut whitening strips that'll remove those unsightly stains gently enough to suit even sensitive teeth. Plus, it takes just 10 minutes a day and a quick rinse!

    the strips
    Burst Oral Care

    Promising review: "I love how these strips feel and taste! They work well and they’re affordable. It’s easy for me to keep up my routine. Because they only take 15 minutes, I usually put them on while I’m getting ready for bed. I actually look forward to whitening my teeth now, and my gums feel healthy and not sensitive! I love how these strips feel; no chemical taste or tooth sensitivity! They work like a charm to keep my smile bright. I love that I can continue to enjoy the food and drinks that I love and still smile confidently. I keep them with me everywhere I go!" —Megan

    Get a seven day supply from Burst Oral Care for $19.99.

    5. An ultra-hydrating multitasking sheet mask for when your skin feels dry and dehydrated. It tackles different skin concerns, using niacinamide and vitamin B5 to calm inflammation and activate collagen production, and Aquaxyl to drench skin in moisture, improve texture, and strengthen your skin barrier. No more rough flakiness — only plump, radiant, and dewy skin!

    the mask

    The mask is a biodegradable aqua-gel mask, meaning it's comfortable on skin!

    This is safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It's free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, hydroquinone, and other non-skin-friendly ingredients. Check out their "Never List" here!

    Promising review: "My dry and sensitive skin’s savior. I used to have products formulated for oily/combo skin and when my skin’s texture changed to dry and sensitive, I had no idea what to do. Everything was irritating my face, drying out and breaking me out. When I say these masks have rescued my skin, I’m not exaggerating. These masks hit two birds with one stone: hydrating my face and healing it. I’ve tried several products (not just masks) in the past with niacinamide and vitamin B5 and none have worked this well for me. I’m so happy with these! It’s rare for me these days to not have products that irritate my skin. I can’t wait to purchase my next box of masks!" —Roxanne

    Get them from andLab: one for $6 and a pack of five for $29.99.

    6. A water-repelling glass treatment to deal with the rain, sleet, and snow that usually collects on your car window and reduces visibility, which is obviously not ideal. It'll even help restore your headlights so they shine farther and brighter.

    Reviewer's car to show how one half of their windshield is clear, while the other untreated half is covered in raindrops

    Promising review: "I had a cheap, untempered windshield, which was awful in the rain. A friend of mine recommended Rain-X and I was shocked at the difference. I applied it with a soft rag and sat there wondering if it was even on properly. Later that night I took my car out for a drive; it rained and the difference was instantly noticeable. Before, when using my wipers, streaks would obscure my view so much that any lights would make driving in the rain hard. Now, the droplets don't smear and smaller ones sometimes just roll off. It's pretty great." —Alison J. Gong

    Get it from Amazon for $3.99.

    7. A hydrating coconut milk bath if your skin is feeling rough and dirty and your regular body wash just isn't enough. This soothing soak uses a gentle mix of skin-softening, vitamin C-rich coconut milk powder and hand-harvested salts from the Southern Dead Sea to increase circulation, exfoliate, detoxify, and relieve soreness.

    the coconut milk powder

    This is vegan and cruelty-free.

    Promising review: "Where have you been all my life? Milk baths have always been a guilty pleasure, but I really didn't know what I was missing until I tried Maude's bath. It doesn't take a lot — just a scoop of this coconut milk powder in a tub of hot water. And then exhale. It left my skin feeling moisturized and renewed. Definitely going to be back for more and can without a doubt say that I'll be sharing with those closest to me as gifts in the near future. Thanks for creating such a stellar product." —Sarah

    Get it from Maude for $18.

    8. A pair of retro-style, fashion-forward eyeglasses with a cat-eye shape because having to squint to see clearly and holding your phone an inch from your face because you can't see the screen is getting real old real quick. They also block UVA and UVB rays.

    Warby Parker

    Get it from Warby Parker for $145 (available in two colors).

    9. An easel calendar so when you're working from home, you don't have to keep pulling up your work cal on your phone — it'll be right in front of you, marked with whatever important dates you need. Plus, it's customizable with your layout, photo, and design of choice!


    Get it from Shutterfly for $14.99.

    10. A funky locker-style end table that has storage so you can give your room a pop of color and lock away all the clutter you never know where to put (yes, it has a lock!). Plus, you have a pretty surface now to show off photos, plants, or your fave vases!

    the end table in yellow

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this! It came super quick. It was very easy to put together; I did it by myself in like 20 minutes. The kids love it and it goes perfectly in my office. I use it for their electronics and their school supplies! I wish I would have gotten two, one for each of them." —Rosalind

    Get it from Novogratz on Wayfair for $132.99 (available in four colors).

    11. A Verb energy bar because it has as much caffeine as an espresso but is made with organic green tea and vegan ingredients so it'll energize you without the crash and jitters. And with super yummy flavors like Coconut Chai and Salted Peanut Butter, who are you to say no?

    Verb Energy

    You can also text with a real person on the Verb team to change flavors, arrange shipments, or ask for workout advice!

    Promising review: "Amazing! I've been thinking about trying these for a while now, and with their starter pack deal, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I'm so glad I ordered them! Being a grad student, I'm always looking for afternoon pick-me-ups and these are definitely it! They taste delicious and give me the energy and focus to get through the rest of the day. I love the personalized text-line and Emily has been extremely helpful and always quick to reply (even on weekends!). I loved them so much I immediately ordered another bag, this one being the Strawberry Rose Hibiscus. I can't wait to try it!" —Megan

    Try the starter kit here for $25 (12 bars in the flavor of your choice and four samples of other flavors), a single pouch for $22 (12 bars), or the bundle for $41.80+ (available in bundles of two or four pouches).

    12. A mobile phone holder so you have a convenient place to prop up your phone, and it'll always be within arm's reach. You won't lose it among all your desk clutter. Plus, tell me that isn't the cutest darn alpaca you've ever seen in your life!


    Promising review: "Cute, functional, and adorable! Even my S.O. thinks it is cute. It is the perfect rest for my phone and excellent quality." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $20.95 (available in eight BT21 characters).

    13. A Kooty Key utility tool that'll save you from touching germ-filled door handles, ATM keypads, elevator buttons, and more. Use the hook to open doors, move levers, flush public toilets — the possibilities are endless!


    Promising review: "I am a courier for a fast delivery company, I deliver to a hundred residents a day. I purchased this to ring the door bells on these hundred houses so I don't have to physically touch them. This device is keeping me safe. I sanitize it after each use and it has held up. Thank you for making such an important tool in my workday." —courier deb

    Get it from Amazon for $8.79+ (available in five colors and multi-packs).

    14. An epilator to remove both thick and fine hair at the root so you can go for several weeks without reaching for a razor again. It has massage rollers and two speed settings for customizable comfort!

    Promising review: "It hurts but it works :) I haven't shaved my legs in months and used to have to every three to four days. I've seen the best results on my armpits; I used to shave them every other day but since I epilated two weeks ago, I've seen no hair growth and no hair shadow. Way more convenient than waxing, too, because you can target individual shorter hairs as they grow in rather than waiting for everything to grow back a certain length. Also IDK if this is true, but my grandma told me that after she used an epilator for five-ish years she pretty much stopped growing hair. It also hurts less every time you do it, so don't get discouraged by the very painful first session." —k3upikachu

    Get it from Amazon for $39.94.

    15. A very roomy classy tote bag for when you really need something that'll carry everything — and I mean everything — so you're not schlepping multiple bags for laptops, notebooks, makeup bags, and all your kid's stuff too. And you won't have to sacrifice style or your morals — this wears better with age and is made of soft fair-trade leather made in an ethical factory!


    Promising review: "Besides buttery soft leather, this bag is so roomy. It is perfect for work and holds my clutch/wallet, laptop,and planner, with room for all the odds and ends! Love this beautiful bag, and feel good about carrying responsibly sourced leather!" —Lisa

    Get it from Nisolo for $170 (available in seven colors).

    16. A floral desk caddy if your desk supplies and stationary are always all over the place. Keep 'em organized with this and personalize it with your fave photo too!


    Get it from Shutterfly for $24.99: the floral one here or use your own design here.

    17. A mini knife sharpener because smushing produce and spending minutes sawing through a hunk of meat is *yawns* a huge waste of time. This bad boy gives your knives their edge back so you can slice through a ripe tomato with ease.

    Hands sharpening a knife in the sharpener

    Promising review: "I've always struggled to keep my kitchen knives sharp. I believe that's going to change with this product. I've only used it on a couple of knives so far but it does the job quick. I can have one of my knives sharp in a minute or two using this. It's easy to use, safer than using stones, stores away easily, and sharpens the knives fast. Highly recommended." —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99 (available in three colors).

    Check out my colleague's KitchenIQ knife sharpener review for more deets!

    18. A menstrual cup if you're tired of changing pads or tampons every few hours. This makes your switch smooth and painless. Its angled form, the fact that it can be rolled as thin as a tampon (and lasts longer than one), can manage heavier flow, and offers comfort for up to 12 hours means you'll never look back!


    Promising review: "I'm sorry I didn't buy one sooner! The cup allows me to go about my day without worrying about where the next bathroom will be. It's almost completely waste-free. It's comfortable and secure. I haven't experienced any leaking and the cup holds far more than you'd think so it really does last longer than pads or tampons. I chose the Lily cup as it's softer and folds up smaller than other brands. The Lily cup has made periods a lot less stressful for me. 10/10 would recommend!" —cup-enthusiast

    Get it from Intimina for $25.46 (originally $29.95).

    19. A meal kit service for when you're so indecisive that you don't know what to cook each night. At an amazingly affordable price, you choose your fave from an ever-changing weekly menu, get all the ingredients shipped to you, and have your yummy honey-glazed chicken ready in less than an hour.

    Everyplate / Via, Everyplate / Via

    Get it from Everyplate for $4.99/serving + $8.99 shipping (available in servings of two or four and three, four, or five meals per week).

    20. A liquid-free reusable screen cleaner to actually clean your tablet, phone, laptop, and other devices — and then keep it that way! Let's face it, water and damp cloths just don't work. You know what will? This.

    Promising review: "This little device removes the oil from your screen. Often, when you are 'cleaning' your screen with a cloth, you are simply pushing around the oil. This device actually lifts the oil and removes it. My screen feels like new. This is much better than cleaning with a wipe since repeated cleaning with most wipes will damage the screen over time. My wife was cleaning her screen daily and she wore off the protective layer. With this, you don't need to worry about that. Clean it as often as you want/need and you can enjoy that pristine screen without fear of wearing the oleophobic layer off. I would highly recommend this to others." —Alex

    Get it from Amazon for $19.95.

    21. A pack of food spikes for indoor plants because you know what? You're tired of taking care of houseplants and you just don't have the green thumb for it. Enter: these food spikes that'll feed and grow your plants with no other work on your part!

    the spikes

    Each pack comes with 48 spikes.

    Promising review: "I have several houseplants that had stopped flowering, so I put a few of these spikes in the pot (there are directions on the back of package for quantity), and approximately a month after using these spikes, my peace lily had three flowers on it, and my African violets plants all got several blooms on them! This worked wonders for my plants that don't flower also! I noticed that my ivy and cactus plants started growing faster, and they became more green and healthy-looking. I am very happy with this product, and I will buy it again." —Elizabeth

    Get 24 spikes from Amazon for $2.99 (available in four quantities).

    22. A hyaluronic acid serum fortified with silver ear mushroom (an Asian ingredient that looks and feels like jelly!) and adaptogenic Reishi mushroom to protect skin against daily stressors, improve the skin barrier, and drench it in hydration for supple, bouncy skin!

    the bottle

    This is vegan and made without parabens, petroleum, sulfates, silicones, gluten, artificial dyes, or fragrances.

    Promising review: "This serum is truly a game changer. Noticed a dramatic different in the tone and glow of facial skin overnight. Light, non-greasy, and a sweet scent. A definite staple." —GG

    Get it from Moonjuice for $58.

    23. A universal dust cleaning gel you can knead into a ball to get into even the nookiest of nooks, from your keyboard to your car vents to your printer. It's non-sticky and smells lemony, which is just the, er, the lemon on top?

    A gel molded into the shape of the keyboard to pick up dust on it

    This is made of biodegradable material. You can use it again and again until the color turns dark! That's when you know it's time for a replacement. Also, don't wash the cleaning gel in water.

    Promising review: "I was skeptical at first. Was afraid my keyboard would be all gummed up with yellow slime! The opposite happened; it cleaned it as good as new. Got all those dog hairs between the keys! No smell lingering on keyboard or my hands. No sign I even used it except a clean keyboard. Kind of fun to play with. Squeeze it between your fingers! LOL. My next task for it will be those dust return air vents on our heating system and my dusty window blinds. This stuff works and I highly recommend!" —Billy

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

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