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    23 Things To Help You Unplug

    With so much going on all the time, it's only fair you get to take a little break from everyday life — whether with some tea and candles or a whole trip into nature.

    1. A cup of Pukka Night Time Organic Herbal Tea for an evening of peace and bliss. The tea has valerian, oat flower, sweet lime flower, and lavender to calm you down from a long day and it's beneficial for your health too!

    the tea with a readymade cup

    2. A gorgeous Vim + Vigor candle hand poured into a copper vessel and made with a fresh, comforting fragrance blend that'll take you straight to a lush rainy garden. Light this beauty in the evening and immerse yourself in a sense of calm. The copper vessels are made to be repurposed too!

    the copper candle

    3. A striking and therapeutic Artful Etching: Midnight Garden book so you can unwind by scratching away the lines with the provided tool to reveal colorful flowers, plants, and animals. You get to decide how much detail and color you want to etch!

    a page from the book, showing a before and after of a garden art piece

    4. A real Monstera Deliciosa house plant that comes ready to be planted in soil so you can bring some fresh greenery and nature into your home. It'll put you right at peace!

    the plant, which is tall and leafy

    5. A box of melt-in-your-mouth gourmet choco chip Campfire cookies from CurlyTop Baker that'll be delivered straight to your door for a summery comfort snack you can kick back and relax with. Baked from scratch with chocolate chunks, graham cracker crumbs, and stuffed with marshmallow pieces, you'll be taken straight back to childhood with the first bite.

    the cookies, with marshmallows strewn everywhere

    6. An embossed leather-bound Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales that you can sit down and read with a cup of tea. It has custom end papers, a silk bookmark, and gilded edges, so it'll look lovely on your shelf too. These are the original versions the Brothers Grimm collected — the ones that are darker and don't always have happy endings. All the better to add a dark little twist to the bedtime story, right?

    7. A Getaway cabin trip in nature so you can take a much-needed break from daily life, unplug for a bit, and still follow social distancing! Whether you want solitude, to explore nearby lakes and trails, to connect with nature or with loved ones, or just go camping, you can do that here. The cabins are scattered throughout the woods but not so far that you won't be able to reach your neighbors. And the best thing about it all? Waking up to that view!

    8. An ethereal color-changing moon lamp — it emulates soft moonlight so you can recreate the feeling of sleeping under a full moon or just turn it on to channel peace when you need some quiet time!

    9. A super soft double-sided lifelike pillow of your cute pet — whether it's a cat, dog, fish, or bunny — or even your favorite human to cuddle with if the real one refuses to.

    10. A self-therapy notepad or a brain dump notepad because sometimes you need to let out all your thoughts and feelings before you can truly relax. These help you do so in a lighthearted manner so you can take a deep breath and be freed of all that pent-up frustration.

    11. A Pure Synergy Stress Remedy supplement made with organic herbal extracts to help promote calmness and a healthy response to stress, boost energy and focus, and balance mood so you're not overwhelmed after a super hard day and can take a deep breath without breaking down.

    the supplements bottle

    12. A combo pack of 16 Dermal sheet masks that contain vitamin E and collagen for supple, hydrated skin. Each one targets different concerns so you can choose whichever one your skin needs that day, kick back, and rest while the mask does its work. Perf skin overnight? Yes!

    13. A super soothing quilt set that'll definitely have you ready to slow down and get cozy. It's inspired by the sounds and patterns in music and nature and has a deep oceanic blue hue and comfy texture.

    the quilt set on a bed

    14. A small sound spa that'll play soothing sounds like ocean waves, rain, and wind to lull you into a sense of calm. With 20 sounds and 30 volume levels, you'll def find your sweet spot!

    15. A customizable Beauty and the Beast table lamp to make any room in your home magical with its soft, enchanting light.

    The lamp, which is cream and beige and adorned with the enchanted glass case and red rose from the Beauty and the Beast film

    16. A gentle Klairs Calming Cream for hydrating and calming irritated, stressed skin as well as sunburnt skin, shaving irritation, acne, and redness, because your skin needs calming too! The main ingredient derives from chamomile oil and gives the cream its enchanting blue hue.

    17. A bed and linen spray infused with relaxing scents like lavender and eucalyptus to promote sleep and comfort, and lift your mood so you're not weighed down by stress at the end of each day.

    the lavender spray bottle

    18. A set of magical waterproof fairy lights to hang on your walls or curtains so any room will instantly be transformed into a dazzling and cozy fairy den.

    19. A detailed hardcover Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs journal so that you feel like a princess (or better yet, a queen) every time you sit down to write in it and rant about your day. It's a complete replica of the iconic storybook from the animated film! With color illustrations and a sculpted cover, it's no bad apple, this one. One reviewer said it felt like "holding a brick of gold!"

    the journal, which has golden filigree and accents, gilded edges, and a golden tassel bookmark

    20. A luscious Peach & Lily Overnight Star Sleeping Mask that'll feel so luxurious on your face you'll think you're in a spa. With its antioxidant-rich ingredients, regenerative properties, and dreamy balm texture to nourish your skin and make it bright and supple, you can be sure this mask'll treat your skin like the ~star~ it is🌟.

    the jar and the cream, showing its blue color and sorbet-like texture

    21. A pair of super-soft high-waist leggings so you can lounge around all day and always be comfy as heck.

    22. A facial roller and gua sha set to help your skincare products sink deeper into your skin and give your face a cooling massage, which you totally deserve. Sit at home and treat your face to...well, a treat!

    the facial roller and gua sha

    23. A pack of light-dimming covers that'll mellow all the bright LEDs around your home and the harsh glares from your electronics so you won't be distracted by them when you're just trying to relax.

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