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28 Things So Amazing Buying Them Will Feel Like A Gift To Yourself

It's not your birthday but it might as well be with these products.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A painless mint-flavored teeth-whitening pen because you'll be surprised at how quickly people see results and how easy it is to use. Plus, this is great for sensitive teeth and gums. Prepare for blinding your IG followers!

before and after of reviewer's yellow teeth, then cleaner whiter teeth after use

2. Or a box of Crest 3D Whitestrips to grant you that bright movie star smile you've always wanted! While these take a bit more time, that bit of effort is worth it if you don't want the expensive whitening bill that comes along with a trip to the dentist 🙃.

3. An allergy supplement that'll provide your dog with much-needed probiotics and nutrients said to help improve immune function and digestion, promote healthy skin, and add shine to fur. Your dog deserves to be at their best and now you'll know they are without fainting over the vet's bill.

4. A cult-fave jar of The Pink Stuff paste to remove everything from stains, rust, and discoloration to stubborn marks from metal, ceramic tiles, saucepans, barbecues and yeah, more. Have no fear — this'll get off any gunk or mess you can imagine.

Before and after photos of a discolored wall cleaned by The Pink Stuff

5. A Fur oil (you may remember it from Shark Tank!) that's designed for your pubic hair but can actually be used on your underarms, legs, chest, face — anywhere hair grows really. It helps banish ingrown hairs, bumps, and razor burn; soothes irritation post-shaving; and softens prickly stubble. With daily use, you'll get healthier, smoother skin, and regrowth of hair will be finer, helping future hair removals be more gentle.

the oil bottle

6. A weekly shower cleaner you only need to use once a week and that doesn't require scrubbing — two things that sound like music to your ears, I'm sure. You don't even need to be around while it does its work!

7. A L’Oreal lamellar hair treatment that works its magic in eight seconds to give you shinier, more hydrated locks — no matter your hair type. Magic indeed!

8. A power scrubber brush you attach to an actual drill (um, wow) to do all the backbreaking work for you. You'll be done before you've even finished saying "power scrubber brush."

The scrubber and drill next to a shower door, half of which is stained, the other half of which was cleaned thoroughly by the drill

9. A magical, almost otherworldly looking 3D neon lamp that is quite possibly enchanted and might put you under a spell if you stare at it too long.

the lamp displaying mountains and the moon in purple

10. A Revlon hot air brush because it dries your hair, imparts volume and shine, and makes it look like you totally went and got a professional blowout — all at the same time!

11. A ChomChom pet hair roller if your pet sheds like a a lot, a lot...and you're tired of cleaning up after it. Just roll, roll, roll, and watch the fur lift away!

12. A smartphone sanitizer that will not only sanitize your phone but charge it too — at the same time! You won't have to worry about germs or about constantly wiping down your phone. Set it down in this and the UV light zaps 99.99% of the germs while the USB port brings your phone back to life.

A phone inside of the smartphone sanitizer in periwinkle

13. An innovative Habit sunscreen mist to protect your skin since it's a hassle to slather on sunscreen every two hours. Keep this in your bag or on your desk and spritz away whenever you need. The fine mist doesn't mess up makeup and smells like a dream with its natural botanicals! Why didn't this exist before?

model spraying the mist on her face

14. High-waisted leggings with butter-soft fabric, fun and bright colors, and thousands and thousands of good reviews. People are just blown away by how comfy and good quality they are!

15. A reusable exfoliating Japanese towel to upgrade your shower experience and truly take care of your skin. These really scrub that dead skin off your bod (reviewers with eczema swear by it!) to unveil clean, super soft skin. Reviewers love how it's easy to reach your back with this too!

16. A bottle of wood polish for effortlessly making your doors, floors, cabinets, and antique furniture look like they should be in some vampire castle. So what if you've never DIY'ed a home project before? No need to be intimidated with this!

A reviewer photo showing washed out floors now looking brighter and cleaner after using the product

17. A divine little garlic chopper because it'll give you one less daunting task in the kitchen to worry about. Instead of using a knife, just roll this little guy! It saves you chopping time and prevents your hands from smelling like garlic after.

reviewer holding chopper filled with chopped garlic

18. A pair of super comfy retro Reebok vintage sneakers when you want to channel the '80s and '90s while walking (or running).

19. A luxurious and island-y Marine + Vine body oil that'll make you feel like you're on a tropical vacay even when you're just home. Based on ancient traditions and inspired by the South of France, it uses Tahitian monoi, kukui, macadamia, and passionfruit oils rich in antioxidants to nourish, repair, and protect skin from the drying effects of sun, wind, sand and sea. You don't have to give up your glowy summer skin — this is basically summer in a bottle!

the bottle

20. A wooden wireless charging pad you can keep your phone or AirPods charging on if you wake up and see that — gasp — your charger wasn't plugged in overnight. This will look sleek and aesthetic on your desk and will always be at the ready whenever your tech is losing life. It looks good and works effectively? Sign me up now.

21. A jewelry cleaning brush that'll make polishing your precious stones simple and quick. Though it's cheap, it'll get rid of the clouding dirt and make your gems look like fit for royalty so you can show off your faves once more. A wizard's illusion? No ma'am — it's very real indeed!

before and after of cloudy ring, then the clear gem after use of brush

22. A Bésame Comsetics color-changing lipstick because it's the stuff of fairytales — though it appears blue, once you put it on, it adjusts to your lips' pH and "magically" changes to your perf shade of everyday pink, which can range from a light rose pink to a darker magenta! Now you don't need to worry about finding your everyday color.

23. A charming vines wall decal to transform your bedroom into a fairytale castle or sun-soaked cottage. Your pick!

green wall decal mimicking vines descending down a wall

24. A rapid egg cooker that simplifies every egg-based meal you set about to make, including omelets, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard-boiled — the works! Can it really be that easy? You bet.

25. A hanging hammock chair because what's better than lounging in this in your room or porch during cozy days? What an aesthetic! You can lie down in this too!

the hammock in a bedroom

26. A cruelty-free and vegan color-changing blush that'll react to the pH of your skin and actually change color to adjust to your skin tone! You get a pretty flush and your own shade of blush perf just for you. That means you literally don't even need to think about if the blush matches your fit for the day! It's also made with skincare ingredients so you can actually *gasp* sleep in it and wake up with good skin!

27. A super pretty rainbow prism suncatcher you can hang up so as the sunny days pass by, you'll get to bask in tiny little rainbows that'll really perk your mood up!

28. An orthopedic pain relief seat cushion for those who sit or drive for prolonged periods of time. This helps with tailbone pain, sciatica, leg pain, and lower back pain so your day won't be ruined by them. It encourages better posture and is made with memory foam too so it'll mold itself to the shape of your bottom!

You feeling like royalty with these: