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    27 Things Owl-Lovers Will Probably Adore

    You'll want ~owl~ of these.

    1. A set of elegant owl bookends that'll work hard to keep your books from toppling off your shelf.

    2. A lovely customized owl bookplate and ink stamp so you can personalize all of your books and make your very own library.

    3. A super adorable owl enamel pin — an absolute must-have for any owl-lover. Look at those eyes!

    4. An owl mug for a cozier way to drink your daily coffee or tea.

    5. A wooden owl that'll happily hold your eyeglasses for you while you're off doing other things.

    6. A ceramic three-piece owl figurine set to add some whimsy to your home decor. The distressed style adds charm too. These owls won't see, hear, nor talon on you for anything!

    7. A pack of owl stickers so cute they should be illegal.

    8. A sassy salt and pepper owl set that'll probably judge you 24/7.

    9. A super adorable watercolor art piece of a woodland owl that you'll "awww" at and want on your wall right away.

    10. A sleek owl utensil holder that'll spruce up your kitchen and make it far from boring.

    11. An owl coloring book because it's the best kind of coloring book and all other coloring books can go home.

    12. A steel travel mug with a cute, quirky owl staring out at you from it, wondering when you're going to actually drink enough water.

    13. A set of super cute owl succulent planter pots for adding some green to your space and making you feel refreshed. It also has drainage so you don't have to worry.

    14. A set of pretty boxed note cards so you can write down owl your thoughts in a short, sweet letter!

    15. A four-piece owl measuring spoon set for your cooking needs — these cuties will be here to help!

    16. A stained glass owl to bring a kaleidoscope of colors into your home.

    17. An owl board game that'll be a hoot to play with the fam!

    18. An edgy owl-shaped mini leather backpack to turn heads wherever you take it.

    19. An owl wallpaper that looks so regal no one will know you actually bought it because you love owls and not because of how ~adult~ it looks.

    20. A book of advice full of owl wisdom for anyone who needs it (and you know what? Everyone needs a know-it-owl in their life).

    21. A pair of owl house slippers with fleece inside and outside so you never have to compromise your feet's warmth! It also has a non-skid sole so you don't have to be afraid of slipping as you walk up and down the halls.

    22. A set of owl labels in different sizes that you can use on your laptop, folders, posters, and anything else! Five of them are also bookplates just for your fave books.

    23. A regal bullet journal with a watercolor owl cover you'll want to write in all the time. How pretty!

    24. A hootiful hanging figurine of an owl on a branch so you can add a touch of whimsical wildlife to your home.

    25. A snowy owl 3D bookmark for a more majestic way to mark your page!

    26. An owl planner with such a cute cover you'll reach for it all the time even if your plan for the day is just to nap and Netflix.

    27. A set of owl page clips to help you with everything from organizing papers and hanging notes to marking the page you left off at.

    Me, wishing I had an owl as a pet (*sigh*):

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