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    31 Things For People Who Love To Write

    If you're thinking it's time to finally write that novel you've always dreamed of or start journaling again, this post is for you.

    1. A classic blank cherry blossom journal for you to write away to your heart's content or just jot down quick musings — it's a great way to keep yourself occupied while at home.

    2. A copy of Other-Wordly, a lovely illustrated book from which you can discover untranslatable words in different languages: words that are beautiful and strange with equally beautiful meanings. Sunlight that filters through the leaves? Piles of unread books on your table? There are words for those!

    3. A writing journal that'll give you over 600 little prompts that range from incredulous to witty so whenever you need a spark of inspiration, you can turn to this.

    4. A lovely real wooden notebook that you can get with the pictured design or customize with your own. You can even choose what kind of wood the notebook is made from (walnut, oak, ash tree, birch, and more)!

    5. A dainty vintage-style set of boxed butterfly notecards for whenever you're in the mood to scribble a note to someone and send away.

    6. Or, if a longer letter is your style, this lovely stationery set so you can bring back the art of letter-writing because social media gets tiring. And let's face it, handwritten letters do NOT deserve to die.

    7. An adorable anglerfish book light that'll lessen the strain on your eyes so you can pull all-nighters writing your stories or journaling in complete darkness without disturbing anyone.

    8. A set of these whimsical stitched notebooks for all your dreamy writing needs.

    9. A cute dachshund card holder that'll make a great functional decor piece for your desk and always make you smile.

    10. A monthly subscription box made truly for writers — it delivers writing tips and gifts, autographed novels, guides on the publishing process, and chatting opportunities with editors and literary agents! You'll always look forward to the next box.

    11. A literary tea tin to inspire you to write while enjoying a cup of good tea. The writer tins have a cute quote on it while the literary tins will have your favorite chosen author and an accompanying quote by them. They're also filled with a blend of loose leaf tea that reflects the author. There's 48 authors to choose from!

    12. A lovely candle that'll make you feel like you're in an enchanted library — the scents of parchment, cedarwood, and leather bindings will provide the perfect atmosphere to get some writing done!

    13. A desk lamp with a storage cup perfect for storing all your pencils, pens, scissors, and other small supplies. It's a two-in-one dream!

    14. A set of old-school pencils that each have a compliment printed on it to boost your mood when writing because yay, positivity! Or, if flowers are your thing, this pretty set of garden pencils for a burst of color to your journaling or story-writing.

    15. An extremely cool wall-mounted brass scroll and pencil holder that'll hold all your writing tools and will even have a scroll of paper for jotting down anything you want.

    16. A fun and quirky pair of socks showing a woodpecker sharpening pencils. You can cozy up in these whenever you sit down to write.

    17. An elegant customized bookplate and ink stamp so you can personalize all of your journals and manuscripts and truly make them your own.

    18. A double-sided wax seal set for that old-fashioned touch. Or, if you're a Harry Potter fan, a Hogwarts wax seal that'll be a perfect consolation for never having received your Hogwarts acceptance letter (just make your own 😉).

    19. A calligraphy pen set so you can perfect the fine art of calligraphy and practice that sweeping, way-too-elaborate autograph that no one can read (for your future book signings of course!).

    20. A pair of distressed-style quotation earrings for the minimalist writer. They're cute, eye-catching, and simple enough for everyday wear.

    21. An elegant French quill-and-ink set so you can dip away to your heart's content. Or you can buy a separate quill pen and choose your favorite color of ink here to go along with it. You'll feel just like a Hogwarts student.

    22. An online writing class at Gotham Writers Workshop to improve your writing or learn a new style you've always been interested in. They have different levels and you can go for the basics like fiction and nonfiction or something niche like TV writing, video game writing or children's books!

    23. A ceramic vase that'll be a companion for the writer in you. It's made to look like a book (already so unique, guys) and it's perfect for showing off flowers, office supplies, anything!

    24. A rocketbook so you'll never have to be disorganized with 100 notebooks everywhere again — this has endlessly reusable pages that you can scan and connect to cloud services so you can share and always have them before wiping the pages clean for new notes. Save trees, people!

    25. A quirky ceramic mug for writing inspiration and to serve as a perfect tea/coffee buddy while you're typing away!

    26. A pretty pastel notepad with a quote by Vincent Van Gogh and a checkbox list for all your to-dos.

    27. An online Udemy writing course to brush up on your skills right at home. Learn everything from writing a book to penning a memoir and even content-writing that you can put on your resume.

    28. A printed canvas pouch with a design on one side and a quote on the other to both motivate you and hold erasers, pencils, and anything else.

    29. A cute sticker to put on your laptop or anywhere you want and make you smile.

    30. A mail enamel pin to remind everyone to write more letters, decorate your jacket, and showcase your writer's love to the world.

    31. A happiness journal with 52 list prompts for reflection, positivity and balance, because that's something we all need. It's great for list-lovers! The journal includes photography, illustrations, and copper foil.

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