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    26 Things For Anyone Who Loves Bright Colors

    Why should life always be gray when you can fill it with color?

    1. A boba tea light because it'll stand out in your room and I know you're always looking for any excuse to treat yourself to bubble tea. Well, might as well get it in lamp form too. It's so realistic, the boba moves around inside!

    2. A bold yellow Two Minute Mornings gratitude journal that'll stand out on your shelf so you'll remember to always write in it.

    3. Colourpop's Blue Moon Eyeshadow Palette to give you everything you need for striking eyes with pigmented blue shades and three different finishes. It's hard to resist!

    4. Glossier Cloud Paint Blush that'll tint your skin with a bright, healthy flush of color that's sheer, blendable, and buildable. It's formulated with collagen and retains water so it visibly plumps and hydrates your skin with a dose of moisture!

    5. A super cute and vivd Pokémon enamel pin to decorate your favorite jacket or backpack. I mean, how adorable is Boba-saur?!

    6. A bright and happy pickle sticker you can place anywhere for a smile.

    7. A full-coverage Sephora lipstick that'll grant a punch of summery color to your lips and make everyone do a double take. And look at that cute packaging!

    8. A washable and reusable cloth face mask in a bold, fun print because those regular ones are so drab.

    9. A cute embroidered mini dress perfect for warmer days.

    10. A pair of peep-toe heels so you can add some pep to your outfit — and the heel's at a comfortable low height so your feet will be happy too!

    11. A bright and jolly–colored nail polish for some good ol' cheer because why should your nails be left out of all the fun?

    12. An adorable retro-style one-piece swimsuit to wow both yourself and everyone else who sees you in it this summer.

    13. A pretty hand-painted vase with an eye-catching pattern that'll spruce up any room.

    14. A vintage-style plush velvet pillow to keep on your couch or bed because they'll look absolutely luxurious and add bright color. You can use it as a floor pillow too!

    15. A cute tie-back tank top for extreme comfort while also making a colorful statement.

    16. A cat game where you stack cats until they fall — it'll give plenty of laughs, the cats are bright and purr-dorable, and you won't find yourself bored anymore!

    17. A fun and colorful 12-piece knife set for all your cooking needs!

    18. A pair of geometric polymer clay mint earrings that'll make the best summer fashion statement.

    19. A set of pre-sharpened old-school pencils that each have a compliment printed on it to boost your mood when writing because yay, positivity! Or, if flowers are your thing, a pretty set of garden pencils for a burst of color to your journaling.

    20. A lovely ceramic vase perfect for showing off all your pretty flowers, plants, office supplies, anything. It's made to look like a book (already so unique, guys), and says "A Compendium of Flowers" on the front with a literary quote on the back.

    21. A bright bandana for your pet and a matching scrunchie for you so you can twin with them — it's the fashion show you've always wanted!

    22. A super cool neon light sign to channel that ~night out in the city~ atmosphere right in your home.

    23. A super soft throw blanket that'll look very enticing over your sofa. It's so warm and cozy, but everyone else can get their own, this one's yours.

    24. A cotton sweatshirt so comfy you'll want to lounge around in it all day.

    25. A floral reversible duvet cover set so it can brighten up your room and cheer you up!

    26. A knit maxi dress in a color that'll make it easy for everyone to spot you so they'll never lose you!

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