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26 Korean Horror Movies That May Give You Nightmares For Days

Get ready for some sleepless nights...and maybe a bloodthirsty ghost in the corner of your room.

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Warning: Some content in this post may be potentially disturbing.

South Korean horror is often overlooked but shouldn't be — if you saw the wealth of quality K-horror films over the years, you would realize just how big of a contribution it's made to Asian cinema. Its unconventional treatment of scares and the way it isn't afraid to push just how dark human nature can get puts them above and beyond in the genre.

So if you're not afraid of a little darkness and a little blood, grab some popcorn and let me show you that you've been missing out with this starter pack to South Korean horror. Be warned though — in Korean horror, the dead do not rest well.

1. A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

2. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

3. The Doll Master (2004)

4. The Mimic (2017)

5. The Piper (2015)

6. White: Melody of Death (also known as White: Melody of the Curse, 2011)

7. Train to Busan (2016)

8. Bloody Reunion (also known as To Sir, With Love, 2006)

9. The Closet (2020)

10. #Alive (2020)

11. Killer Toon (2013)

12. The Wailing (2016)

13. Hansel and Gretel (2007)

14. The Whispering Corridors series (1998)

15. The Host (2006)

16. The Red Shoes (2005)

17. Horror Stories (2012)

18. Death Bell (2008)

19. Cinderella (2006)

20. Thirst (2009)

21. The Cat: Eyes That See Death (2011)

22. Loner (2008)

23. Don't Click (2012)

24. Epitaph (2007)

25. Dead Friend (also known as The Ghost, 2004)

26. Living Death (also known as Possessed, 2009)

You might as well start a marathon of these tonight — who says Halloween is the only time for scary stuff? I absolutely love horror movies and I've included many of my faves here, but if you think there's anything I missed, let me know below and I'll add them to my watch list! Scaring yourself to death is so much fun, isn't it?

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