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    25 Products To Help Make A Tiny Space Feel Roomier

    No matter how small your space is,'s all about the art of ~illusion.~ *jazz hands*

    1. A striking poster to break up the monotony of a bare, one-color wall. This blueprint poster of Cinderella's castle will add a spellbinding touch to your (probably-not-spellbinding-because-you-don't-have-this-yet) space.

    2. A distinctive wall mirror — mirrors create the illusion of space due to their reflective surface, so go wild! Put one or three in a row. Plus, this one looks fancy enough that you can trick everyone into thinking you paid a lot more for it than you actually did.

    3. A nature wall decal to freshen up the room and bring some of the openness of outdoors inside. Then, you can at least pretend you hear the rustling of the trees and feel the wind in your hair....

    4. A floor-to-ceiling sheer curtain set to give the illusion of height to your space, making it seem bigger. No, it's not deception. It's called "being cunningly clever at decorating," people.

    5. A transparent vase filled with plants and flowers that'll serve as a statement piece for a small space. Using transparent or exposed pieces instead of clutter-inducing knickknacks makes the room feel more clear and polished. Plus, you'll feel ten times more sophisticated and like you're totally winning at adulting (even if you're totally not).

    6. A large canvas wall art piece which will do better as the focal point of your wall instead of a cluster of smaller ones that might draw attention to the lack of room. A bigger art piece also adds an element of tranquility to a hectic and cluttered space (aka your room, probably).

    7. Or, if you're not into large art and like smaller pieces, a set of minimalist art prints to look clean and bright, and liven up your wall, and, in turn, your room, and maybe, just maybe, your soul too.

    8. A small lighted cherry blossom tree for adding some nature-inspired light to your room so that it feels more refreshing. Plus, this tree won't take up too much space. Who needs real flowers that will wilt in two days when you can have tiny LED versions of them?

    9. A woven wall hanging that's not too loud or busy can open up the room with an effortless exhibit of color and pattern. So hang this up and take joy in the fact that you are the best interior decorator you know.

    10. A palm-sized decorative and functional aroma diffuser. Use refreshing scents like rain, ocean, and bamboo to mimic their outdoorsy effects, giving your room a clear, cool atmosphere rather than the oppressiveness confined spaces tend to have. Moreover, it'll humidify dry air, and serve as a perfectly pretty piece of decor. I don't know about you but I need this. Like, now.

    11. A set of wooden floating shelves – they're great for storage or for displaying all your knickknacks that would otherwise make your space look messy. These will add a clean and elegant touch while also clearing up your room to allow for more space. Dance your heart away without stubbing your toe into anything!

    12. A set of bamboo shades will not only look charming but also do wonders for a smaller space because they allow more light to spill in than regular curtains. The more light in your room, the more airy and open it feels. Your friends will laud you for your interior decorating skills.

    13. A hanging decor piece — making use of a hanging plant or stringing up photos can be a good alternative to regular decor because it immediately draws the eye up and creates the illusion of a higher ceiling and thus, more space! There's a science (read: illusion) behind everything, guys.

    14. A standalone mirror because remember what we said about mirrors? Yes, you do. The more mirrors, the better. And one like this will save space, look chic, and conveniently display your whole outfit so you don't have to jump up and down in front of a small wall mirror. Get them to cast the light coming from your windows to play up the illusion, or use them to cast a spell.

    15. A wooden clothing rack to look sleek and chic while functioning as an extended wardrobe so that when the rest of your clothes don't fit into your tiny closet, you don't have to keep them strewn all over your chair and bed, which makes your room look messier and smaller.

    16. A leafy oversized faux plant because adding any kind of greenery is always a foolproof way to open up a space, and a taller one like this will link your room to nature, which we commonly associate with fresh air and openness. It'll look like you have decorating skills even if you don't.

    17. A well-placed rug for adding texture and give the illusion of more floor space. So pamper your feet and take joy in it!

    18. A table lamp and a floor lamp to brighten the room even further alongside the main ceiling light (the rule of three!). More light sources = the illusion of a more expansive space. Plus, it adds to the decor too so you get the best of both worlds.

    19. A sleek bamboo storage bin to hide all your dirty secrets...uh, I mean, store your spare clothes, makeup, skincare, anything really! This pretty thing will clear up the clutter and finally reveal that rug you obviously bought from number 17 that you forgot you had because it was buried under your mess.

    20. An exposed-leg chair — the negative space creates the illusion of more room all around, and adds to the airiness of the decor. Your room won't look cramped or restricted with these!

    21. A statement-making wall tapestry – all you need to zero in the focus on one point of the room. Keep the other walls bare or with minimal decor to truly make an impact. It's all about ~balance.~

    22. A small ceiling light to serve the same purpose as hanging decor with the added benefit of bringing in more light into a room that has no windows or doesn't get enough light. It also upgrades your room from dull and boring to sharp and chic. When in a muddle, sometimes all you need is a little ~light.~

    23. A floor-to-ceiling bookcase that may become the star of a small room if positioned against one wall, drawing attention. It looks sleeker than small ones and is great for storing books that would otherwise be piled on your floor or for displaying your favorite figurines that would look cluttered on side tables, making your room look less unkempt (I'm not saying your room's unkempt but maybe I am).

    24. A storage ottoman that'll allow for more space in your room due to its storage feature while also providing a classy extra seat for company. Honestly, double-duty furniture is your best friend when it comes to small rooms. Also peep the exposed legs 👀...see, it's all full-circle.

    25. A steamer trunk coffee table to serve double duty with secret storage you can use to keep anything that takes up space, allowing your room to clear up and finally see the light of day — or the light of your table lamp at least.

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