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    31 Products To Make Daily Life In Your Home Much More Efficient

    From the bathroom to the bedroom to the kitchen, there's something in here to make life efficient in every room of the house.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A garlic chopper that'll give you one less daunting task in the kitchen to worry about. Instead of using a knife, just roll this little guy! It saves you chopping time and prevents your hands from smelling like garlic after.

    reviewer holding chopper filled with chopped garlic

    Remember those cars that scooted around after you pulled them back to wind 'em up? This device is kind of like that. After you fill it with garlic, simply roll it around to chop up the garlic. It saves time and fingers.

    Promising review: "This is my holy grail of kitchen gadgets. Little doodad has been a life saver for me. I have major wrist issues and use garlic in almost all of my recipes. This thing chops garlic like there is no tomorrow! In like 10 seconds I can have four cloves of garlic chopped up. But wait! There’s more!! I have used this to chop ginger, jalapeños (it is excellent for this btw!!) and anything else I need to cut very fine (like onions). It is super easy to empty, take apart, and clean. I literally only rinse it out and set it out to dry. I don’t really 'wash' the inside as there aren’t any germs there. I don’t know how I ever went without this in my life. I’ll probably be buying many more of these as gifts around Christmas time to share in the love." —Crystal Keck

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    2. A pumice stone for making the inside of your toilet look totally spotless and pretty in mere minutes because, ya know, pretty toilets are a thing and you don't want your day ruined by an ugly toilet.,

    Promising review: "The holy grail of toilet cleaning. Oh wow! I am so happy with this pumice! It removed all the buildup from my hard water easily and quickly! I was thinking I would have to buy a new toilet and start over and just try to clean it eveey day. I've NEVER been so pleased with a product!"Tasha

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in two quantities).

    3. A multi-surface natural enzyme pet stain and odor remover if you're tired of cleaning the same spot multiple times because it still smells. This works so well the first time you spray it that even you might forget you have a pet (until their next accident of course).

    It's also safe to use around children.

    Promising review: "The dog LOVES to pee on any new carpets I get; he marks it and then it's a permanent smell no matter what we do. We tried no less than three different kinds of pet odor/cleaner sprays that didn't touch the smell. I even used a carpet shampooer and shampooed it three times and it STILL smelled like dog pee. This product was going to be a last-ditch effort before I got a new area rug and wow!! No more smell! I am super impressed and more than a little relieved that I don't have to spend big money on another carpet. I have read some of the reviews that the smell of the spray is overpowering, but I thought it was very minimal and pleasant." —Nate

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97+ (available in two sizes and three scents).

    4. A silicone tray roomy enough to hold all your dishwashing accessories while looking spiffy on your counter. Reviewers say it easily holds sponges, dishwashing liquid, hand soap, toothbrushes, and more! Plus, the flexible material molds itself to your sink so you don't have to worry about it sliding every which way.


    Promising review: "These are perfect! I got two, one for each side of my kitchen faucet. One holds my soap and scrubber and the other is under my faucet handle so I don't drip water all over my granite countertop. My granite counter helps seal it very well and WATER DOES NOT GET UNDER THEM. I've had them for about a month and I don't get the water scum and hard water buildup under them. Before, my counter would get rough, so I scrubbed them good before putting these bad boy mat holders down, and a month later, no water has gotten under them and my counter is soft and smooth under them! GREAT PRODUCT!" —Holly

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in three colors).

    5. A set of grocery organizers so the next time you open your fridge, you won't scream in horror, wondering how on earth you'll find your eggs.

    A customer's fridge filled with several pantry organizers

    Promising review: "These are so helpful if your fridge is cluttered. I bought these for my mom who is an extremely cluttered person. I love her to death, but she is not an organized person. Her fridge used to look wild. There would be food piled on top of food, and small jars and containers EVERYWHERE. I bought her these to help her organize everything. Now she can see what she has and everything has a place. Thank you for making something like this to help those that are so cluttered." —MioRioZio

    Get six bins from Amazon for $23.99.

    6. A storage box for all those pesky cables, cords, and loose wires. This doubles as a charging station for your devices too (and, of course, looks nice in your room)!

    Promising review: "I'm so happy with this organizer box. I can't stand a heap of tangled cords going every which way. I've got two AC adapter boxes in there. Also in the box is a small power supply, the cord for the iMac I use, and a long USB cord plugged into my charging station. It's awesome." —Ben W

    Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in five colors).

    7. A citrus-scented toilet spray you spritz in the bowl before you go so no one is the wiser as to what you did in the bathroom 😉. What's better than stopping the smell before it's even happened? This can actually be used anywhere in the house to rid the air of strong odors so it's a great investment.

    the spray

    This formula is nontoxic and paraben-free.

    Promising review: "I didn't think I would like this, but it works! I was shocked. My husband has very regular BMs and that usually means that the rest of us have to avoid that part of the house for at least a little while. I got this for his birthday as a gag gift, but we tried it and it works amazingly well! The only downside is that I'm starting to associate the pleasant citrus scent with poop as well. It is not a subtle coverup, as anyone who walks by the bathroom will smell a great outpouring of citrus, but it's better than the alternative! Overall, I definitely recommend this product to anyone who poops." —steel_muffins

    Get it from Amazon for $9.05.

    8. A foaming garbage disposal cleaner that'll loosen and clean out all the slime, muck, and yuck. The results = a fresh, clean disposal with no yucky smells.

    Here's what you do: Run some hot water, pop one of the packets in your disposer, let it foam, then wait for the foam to fully disappear. Garbage disposer = clean and ickiness-free.

    Promising review: "Works like a charm! These are pretty cool! I was a little skeptical but I followed the easy-to-use directions and it worked just like the product said it would. Foamed up and cleaned the drain!! Smell removed!!" —Jennifer K

    Get two packs of four from Amazon for $10.25.

    9. A weekly shower cleaner you only need to use once a week and that doesn't require scrubbing — two things that sound like music to your ears, I'm sure. You don't even need to be around while it does its work!


    Promising review: "I had a horrible gray ring in the bottom of my shower that was impossible to remove. I had tried the Dawn Dish Soap method (with a lot of scrubbing) and had even used toilet bowl cleaner to try to remove the soap scum. My next step was to tear out and replace the shower pan and tile. I figured this was my last chance. I ordered the Wet and Forget Shower Spray and really coated the shower walls and floor pan and walked away. I CANNOT begin to tell you how happy I was to rinse down the walls sometime later and watch all that crud roll right down the drain!! This is the best product I have ever used in my life!! Works great and no toxic fumes!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a 64-ounce bottle from Amazon for $16.94 (also available in packs of two, three, and four).

    10. An adjustable FURemover squeegee broom for pet (and human) hair because it attracts pet hair from your carpets like magic. Many reviewers state that not only is this cheaper than an uber-expensive vacuum but it works better than one too! They also mention how it's great because it doesn't scare their pets like the loud noises of a vacuum does. A win-win.,

    Promising review: "Holy grail hair remover. I was super skeptical when I bought the product but let me tell you this thing works! It works better than my vacuum and broom. I use it on my carpet, tile, even my dog's cage, this thing creates static and all the hairs cling to it. I go and use it on my couch; it gets all the dog hair and lint off. Takes a bit of elbow grease but it gets the job done. The length of the pole can be adjusted also. If you're debating getting this totally get it." —Kate

    Get it from Amazon for $12.44.

    Check out my coworker's FURemover Evrilholder broom review for more deets!

    11. These Clorox toilet tablets to disinfect your toilet in just five minutes. Drop them in, watch the water turn blue like you've cast a spell, and voilà!


    Promising review: "I wasn't impressed at first. This doesn't take the place of cleaning the bowl manually, but it does cut down on how often you need to clean your bowl. I had old stains from the previous tenants inside my bowl, but after about four weeks the stains have disappeared. Love this product!" —Dorine Buse

    Get a pack of four from Amazon for $8.67.

    12. A mini knife sharpener because dull knives = more time spent dangerously sawing through vegetables as you make your Michelin star–level dinner. This will make you grateful you get to keep using your fave knives at their best.

    closeup of sharpener and a shot of mushrooms sliced with a knife sharpened with the sharpener with caption saying "new knife sharpener got me slicing mushrooms like buttah"
    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    Promising review: "I gotta say this is the best sharpener I ever bought in my whole life. I got it today and brought it to work. I work at a Japanese restaurant as a sushi chef and I sharpened it at work and wow my knife was, like, sharp like a samurai sword! Even my coworkers were surprised and asked me to order one for them. It was so sharp that I barely touched the knife and my pinky fingers got cut and I had to be sent home from work. Thanks for the product! Now I don't have to use the stone or sharpen rod that much anymore." —Are

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in four colors).

    To learn more about it, check out my coworker's KitchenIQ knife sharpener review.

    13. An under-the-sink water filtration system so you can enjoy a glass of pure fresh water straight from the tap without worrying about what the heck's in it. This'll ensure you get your clean water. Fun fact: it's designed to be installed in under three minutes!

    A reviewer photo showing a used filter turned completely brown, and an unused one that's all white

    The above photo shows a used filter (left) vs. an unused one (right) to show how much it's filtering OUT of the water. Horrified yet? Each cartridge lasts for two years! You can get more from Amazon for $19.99.

    Promising review: "We have town water. The refrigerator filters are super expensive and weren't cutting it. Every time I put a glass to my mouth, it smelled like a swimming pool. I decided to give this a try. Wow! The chlorine taste is just gone! No more overpriced fridge filters for us. The flow is just amazing! And the water tastes great! Don't waste your money on the expensive, complicated ones. My parents have a name-brand filter. It was expensive, the replacements are expensive, it is a pain to replace, and the flow rate is pathetic! Our water from this filter tastes just as good as theirs at a fraction of the price, plus it's way more convenient, plus the flow rate is way better. Love it! You will too!" —BJ

    Get it from Amazon for $74.99.

    14. A portable charger with a load of power — if you leave the house without checking your phone battery again, well, you need not worry anymore. This has got your back.

    The charger with text "high speed charging"

    This has two USB ports to charge two devices at a time, and it holds enough juice to charge *over* THREE iPhone 8s.

    Promising review: "Purchased this charger because I was tired of my devices dying and scrabbling for an outlet. It comes with a mesh pouch to store the charger, usb and a neat little light. I love the paw print which shows how much charge life is remaining on the charger as well as a visual cue when it's operating. It's a bit heavier than I would like but the fact that I can fully charge my phone and headset and still have extra battery left makes up for it. Overall a great purchase." —KW

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two colors). 

    15. A mattress vacuum because this'll work nice and hard to get you that perfectly clean bed you deserve. You do know dust mites and bacteria exist...and live in our beds, right? I know it's horrifying so using this semi-regularly should give you some peace!

    This has a powerful UV light to eliminate bacteria, a strong suction design to trap dust and mites, and a hot air outlet for those dust mites *shivers*.

    Promising review: "So I brought this originally for my son who gets really bad allergies to dust. At first we didn't know what was causing this until someone told me to check our beds and furniture. Even though we change our bed sheets regularly, there will be dust left over. So I decided to give this a try and they were right! I couldn't believe how many mites and how much dust there was. I took my time cleaning everyone's bed and our sofa which was easy to use and light. My son haven't had a reaction in a while for means this product works for my family!" —Lisa

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99.

    16. A hard-water stain remover so you don't have to cringe at the sight of your ~unsightly~ bathtub every time you need to step in for a shower or bath.

    It also works on shower doors, windshields, toilets, and tile!

    Promising review: "Had hard water stains on my large glass window in my huge walk-in shower. I tried everything out there for several months. Nothing even touched it. Honestly, we purchased this and laughed at how we were wasting more money. Wow!! It took the stains right off. And it did it fast. We couldn't believe it. I have never been so happy over a cleaner. It doesn't even have a strong smell. I hardly ever write reviews but I had to on this one. One of the girls at work was having the same issue. I let her try it out and it worked for her. And it doesn't take much. I cleaned my entire window and didn't even go past the skinny part on the neck of the bottle." —LORIE LARANCE

    Get it from Amazon for $19.77.

    17. A funny sloth to-do list notepad (because sloths are the best!) you can use to write down what you need to do — that way, you'll have it all ready at a glance and will be more organized. It's even easier because this has dots for you to mark if the task has been done or not yet!

    the green notepad, which says "do not want to do list" and has a sloth illustration in the top left corner
    boygirlparty / Etsy

    Boygirlparty is a small biz run by Susie Ghahremani, a San Diego-based illustrator who handcrafts objects featuring original artwork inspired by animals and nature and runs her business on her own!

    Get it from boygirlparty on Etsy for $8.

    18. A dog-feeding reminder — this way, you don't waste time feeding your dog if he's already been fed since we all know dogs are clever and can totally get you to feed them extra. The term "puppy eyes" came from somewhere, right?

    The reminder with daily slots to answer yes or no to "did you feed the dog"

    Promising review: "Awesome product! There are four of us that were working together to feed the dogs. It simplified everything because I no longer have to text to see if anyone had fed them every morning. Now I just to see if it's green and if not I feed them and indicate it, we all love it so much!" —Toni Deegan

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    19. A makeup organizer so you're not frantically digging through that suspicious pile of old makeup in your drawer just to find the lipstick that matches your outfit. You'll have everything at your fingertips.

    BuzzFeed Editor AnaMaria Glavan's makeup organizer on a bathroom countertop neatly holding various makeup products
    AnaMaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed editor AnaMaria Glavan uses this and raves about it! Here's what she has to say:

    "This nifty little organizer looks beautiful, can fit ALL of my everyday makeup, and (drumroll please) it keeps clutter at bay in my bathroom — which is extremely tiny. I can fit so 👏 damn 👏 much 👏 inside of this four-drawered thing. Here are all the products that I currently have in there: 32 lipsticks, six blushes and bronzers, two large highlighter sticks, one foundation bottle, three concealers, two contouring sticks, two rollerball perfumes, two primers, and the bottom drawer contains so many lip pencils, eyeliners, and eyeshadow sticks that I didn't even bother counting. But the real winner winner chicken dinner here? I have easy access to all the makeup I use every single day and can see all of it at once. I don't have to dig around the bottomless pit that is one of my many, many makeup bags anymore — I just have to open and close a drawer."

    And if you need more convincing, check out my colleague's Ikee Design makeup organizer review for more deets!

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in 17 styles).

    20. A veggie chopper to do the tedious job of chopping, slicing, and dicing for you in minutes. Save your energy for your other kitchen tasks!, Amazon

    This comes with four interchangeable blades so you can julienne, chop, slice, and cut easily. This is FDA-approved, BPA-free, and can be fully disassembled. It also has a soft-grip handle to make prepping ingredients easy on your hands.

    Promising review: "If you’re lazy like me, this is for you. One thing I don’t like doing in the kitchen is chopping vegetables. You do have to cut the vegetables to a certain size so it can fit correctly in the blades, but I don’t mind doing half the work." —J Rivera

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99.

    21. An anti-fatigue comfort mat that'll help relieve foot, knee, and back pain whether you're cooking or WFH.,

    Promising review: "This mat was woven by angels, sculpted by the reanimated corpse of Michelangelo, and sealed with Superman's laser vision. When I stood upon it, my feet no longer felt attached to my body. My physical form carried no weight. There was the sensation of floating, my body effortlessly held upright by the essence of time and space. My consciousness journeyed into a deeper level of meaning. Like a fledgling bird of the universe, I spread my wings and tested the limits of my transcendence. Nice mat. Very comfortable. Well worth the money." —JOE K

    Get it from Amazon for $39.97+ (available in three sizes and 10 colors).

    22. All-natural bottle cleaning tablets so you don't do that thing again where you look at the bottom of your bottle and want to chuck the whole thing. This will get all the nooks and crannies you can't reach clean.

    Reviewer before, during, and after images of a thermos using the tablets

    These are biodegradable and odor-free.

    Promising review: "I seriously can't believe how well these little tablets work. I had the most disgusting HydroFlask coffee mug — I tried everything. A bottle brush, different kinds of soap, vinegar, EVERYTHING, and there was still a seemingly impenetrable layer of black sludge inside. I let a tablet sit in each of my mugs for an hour or two, and the black sludge rinsed out COMPLETELY, without even scrubbing. They look brand new. What a magical product. No weird smell or taste afterward, either. I liked it so much I used it on another HydroFlask I use primarily to hold my Bloody Mary mix in the fridge. I couldn't put anything else in it because it would always taste like spicy tomato juice. Bottle Bright to the rescue! No residual smell or taste anymore. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING." —Amazon Customer

    Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $8.

    23. A set of reusable grocery bags to let you shop greener, save money, and do your part for the environment — plus, these are huge and durable so you know they'll last!

    A large reusable bag in yellow with dogs printed on the fabric

    Promising review: "These are giant bags. They are extremely sturdy. I can go grocery shopping for my whole family using these and I’m not afraid of them ripping or tearing like I do with store bags or other reusable bags. The patterns are also really cute." —Amber S

    Get five bags from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in four sets of colors/prints).

    24. A jetted tub cleaner because you shouldn't have to wallow in dirty water!

    Promising review: "This stuff is seriously amazing! I am relentless about cleaning my tub because I use it so often and always get grossed out if I don’t. Before I purchased this, I used the typical homemade recipe of bleach and powdered dishwashing soap. I’d have to run two or three cycles to get it crystal clear. One cycle with this stuff, 15 minutes, and the results are amazing! The first photo (above) is with my tub running with the solution. Then I drained it (second photo) and wiped it down with a sponge. When I refilled the tub up, and reran the jets, I kid you not the water was CRYSTAL CLEAR! See for yourself in the last photo! I’m so impressed!" —Chelsea

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    25. A rapid egg cooker that simplifies every egg-based meal you set about to make, including omelets, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard-boiled — the works! Can it really be that easy? You bet., Amazon

    Sounds magical! And let me tell you — it is. Get one of these egg-cellent appliances ASAP.

    Promising review: "If you are on the fence about getting one of these, GET ONE. It really is as easy as it sounds to have a perfectly cooked egg, no guesswork. Just have an ice bath ready next to the cooker and let the eggs sit for a minute or two in there...peels come right off :) Makes healthy eating a breeze in the morning! Where has this been all my life?!?!?" —rebecca

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in eight colors).

    Check out our Dash Rapid Egg Cooker review.

    26. A collapsible floral file holder because henceforth, thou shall have no excuse to keep thy bills, mail, notebooks, and other documents in a place such that thou falters and flounders only to hit thine head.

    Floral file folder on desk
    Bloom Planners / Etsy

    Bloom Planners is a woman-owned small biz based in Newark, Delaware.

    Promising review: "This is perfect for the desk and assembly is incredibly easy. Just flip the inside base over and you get a sturdy folder holder." —Kindle Customer

    Get it from Bloom Planners on Amazon Handmade for $12.95.

    27. A pack of Affresh dishwasher-cleaning tablets for anyone who was today years old when they learned that yes, they need to clean their dishwasher. They'll get rid of those mysterious stains and smells on your plates so you won't have to spend hours scrubbing away at them.

    Promising reviews: "Works extremely well. We haven't done any cleaning on our dishwasher in five years, and there was detergent buildup all over the inside, and a milky film on all our cups. I bought Affresh, ran the dishwasher with two tablets while it was empty, and the difference was astounding. There was still some buildup and I figured it would require another cycle, so I popped another two tablets in, and now it looks and sounds brand new. No more film on the glasses, no more dirty dishes from clogged sprayers, no more odors or buildup around the door seals." —Martoune

    Get a pack of six tablets from Amazon for $5.39.

    28. An eco-friendly plant-based walnut scrubber sponge — it's strong and abrasive enough to take on your dirtiest dishes, countertops, and more. It's a great replacement for your weak traditional sponge.

    the sponge and its two sides
    Public Goods

    Public Goods is a small biz founded by Morgan Hirsh. The business offers a membership that allows you to gain access to hundreds of sustainable goods at direct-to-consumer prices. The membership is free for 14 days and then $79/year.

    Promising review: "I will NEVER go back to cheap dish sponges! Wow, I was so impressed with the quality of this product and how effectively it cleans and scrubs off my dirty dishes. Price is amazing, quality is perfect, and it's sustainable!!" —Monica U.

    Get four from Public Goods for $4.75

    29. A futuristic bamboo floating bedside table that easily attaches to your bed frame and will allow you to keep whatever you need on it while also making you look super smart for having made such an awesome purchase. "You must be living in the year 3000!" —your fam.

    BedShelfie / Etsy

    BedShelfie is a small biz focusing on space-saving minimalist nightstands.

    Promising review: "I love this thing! I made myself a loft bed to save space but then I didn't have anywhere to put the things that would normally be on a bedside table. This is an awesome, easy to use, super sturdy solution. And it even looks nice! I highly recommend it." —Meghan

    Get it for $44.99: from Amazon for here (available in six sizes and styles) or from BedShelfie on Etsy here.

    30. A shower caddy that'll hold your shampoo, conditioner, soap, loofahs, and anything else one needs in the shower while giving your bathroom a polished look.

    the caddy holding shower accessories

    Promising review: "I wanted something different for our new house and I saw this caddy! Love the new look! It is not bulky! I'm so tired of the traditional square caddies, and I am glad I found this one! Very recommended." —Olga

    Get it from Amazon for $19.48.

    31. A silky coated pan with a core of copper and infused with a fume-free coating for fantastic heat distribution while cooking! And it lasts way longer than regular pans. You've finally found your go-to, haven't you? Your food is gonna turn out so perfect.

    the pan with flames on top
    Material Kitchen

    The pan is 10.5 inches. Material Kitchen is an Asian-owned small biz that's focused on making cookware for the modern home cook that's way better quality than the items you'd find at retail stores.

    Promising review: "Very solid pan, heats and cools quickly, and looks like a piece of artwork! My egg foo young and mushroom omelets are perfect now! The matching spatula is also nicely designed and works well on all cooking tasks." —William

    Get it from Material Kitchen for $76 (available in two colors).

    I relent! Take my money!

    Disney / Via Giphy

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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