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    Things For Anyone Who "Just Can't" With Their Hair Lately

    If your hair just hasn't been cooperating lately, perhaps what you need is a great hair mask or a quality curler to come to the rescue.

    1. A L’Oreal hair treatment that works its magic in eight seconds to give you shinier, more hydrated locks — no matter your hair type. Magic indeed!

    2. A Revlon hot air brush because it dries your hair, imparts volume and shine, and makes it look like you totally went and got a professional blowout — in MINUTES.

    3. A bottle of Fanola No Yellow shampoo to wash those brassy orange undertones down the drain! They are not welcome in your hair! The violet pigment will get rid of those unwanted hues on gray, platinum, blonde or highlighted hair.

    A reviewer showing the before and after using the shampoo with the after having a less yellow hue

    4. A cult-fave Elizavecca collagen hair mask that restores the purity of your hair and helps with oil control, frizziness, damaged hair, the works! It's lightweight too so no heavy ingredients involved. Now you can flip your hair all you want and show off how good it looks.

    5. A bottle of water-resistant L'Oréal root cover-up spray if you just don't have the desire to shell out $$$ at the salon every single time to get your roots redone. Spray this and welcome seamless coverage with no residue.

    A reviewer with gray roots and dark brown hair showing the spray completely covered their grays

    6. A thickening shampoo for fine and thin hair because it'll work to give you lightweight body and volume every time — you can physically feel the thickness of your hair after using this!

    the bottle

    7. An anti-dandruff shampoo formulated with Ketoconazole 1% because no one likes an itchy scalp. Using this will keep your dandruff at bay, resulting in a happy head.

    8. A set of large matte hair claw clips because they're really in right now and also super efficient! They're strong enough to hold thick hair, hold thin hair easily, and even if your hair's in a messy bun, the design instantly makes your hairdo look chic.

    A chart of models showing off their buns in the different colored clips

    9. A detangling brush so you look forward to brushing your hair. This will get through the knots and tangles your regular brush can't solve. And it has over 20,000 5-star reviews on Amazon because yeah, it's that good. People swear by it for detangling fast without damaging hair. You won't have to invest in three different combs hoping one of 'em does the trick!

    10. A tapered ceramic Remington Pro curling wand that gives you the lovely curls you've always wanted (and reviewers say it's holy grail status)! If you, like me, were never able to figure out the curl clamp ones, no worries — turns out there is hope for us after all!

    11. A ~surreal~ iridescent mermaid scrunchie to elevate your daily (read: boring) ponytail or bun in a totally dreamy way. Leave it on your wrist as a pretty accessory too!

    the iridescent scrunchies in small and large

    12. Or these bow knot hair scrunchies when you want a flirty touch to your fits. When you don't know which way to go, cute's the way!

    13. A scalp detox that uses botanical oils like moringa and amaranth to cleanse, moisturize, and soothe your scalp. Basil and baobab oil nourish, promote hair growth, and protect against environmental damage. Scalp health is important too!

    model applying the detox to her scalp

    14. A Briogeo conditioning hair mask because it improves the long-term health of your damaged, over-processed hair with a 97% naturally derived formula. It uses rosehip oil, algae, and B vitamins to nourish your tresses with nutrients and much-needed hydration. It's a must-have!

    before and after of model with coiled frizzy hair, then defined curls after use

    15. A bottle of hair-building fibers for times you need an instant fix. This will help cover balding spots while you're waiting out your hair growth.

    A reviewer's before and after photo of them using the hair-building fibers to cover some bald spots

    16. A hair finishing stick to neaten and smooth those annoying flyaways and baby hairs in seconds so you won't have to deal with them sticking up, out, or doing their own wild thing. It applies like mascara but it's for your hair.

    17. OR an edge control gel for doing the same thing for your edges and baby hairs — no flaking, no residue, all sleek.

    18. A cute INH Hair messy bun because it literally takes your hair to new heights and is a quick way to instantly transform your look (and your IG grid). It adds so much volume, especially if you have thin hair. And if you want to take it a step further, these space buns will make everyone do a double take!

    19. These flexible foam rods so that you wake up to those same voluminous curls you get when you curl with heat. Pop these in overnight, have some fun with how funky you look, and bam!

    20. Still prefer a curling iron? This automatic ceramic curling iron is great for the styling-challenged. If a regular curling iron never works for you, this will give you to give you such dreamy curls, you won't look back.

    21. A shower brush (this is Tracee Ellis Ross' haircare line!!) to comb conditioner through your strands in the shower because your fingers ain't it. This especially helps curly- and coily-haired folks style, detangle, and gently work in the good stuff through wet hair!

    the brush

    22. A breathable and adjustable satin-lined sleeping cap so you can protect your natural hair while sleeping or lounging, without any discomfort. It's cute enough to wear out and about too if you just don't feel like doing your hair that day.

    model wearing the cotton cap in dark gray

    23. These adorable mini wave barrettes for a retro and summery pop of color to your hairstyles, even when your hair is just down! These'll photograph really well too, as you can see!

    three clips in different colors clipping back model's bangs

    24. A bucket hat as it's time to show everyone that it's totally easy to pull one off and you'll look like the cool kid. It's great for bad hair days too!

    25. A cold-processed Scalp Renew hair treatment that uses salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and encourage cellular turnover, and peppermint oil to provide relief from inflammation, stimulate blood flow and scalp microcirculation, and support healthy hair growth. It's a hard-working product you'll def keep in your arsenal permanently.

    before and after of a person with long hair that looks frizzy and damaged in the before, then sleek and shiny in after

    26. A lemongrass leave-in conditioner spray with natural ingredients and essential oils for locking in moisture, smoothness, and soothing without weighing down your mane. And it has an invigorating lemony scent to boot!

    before and after of a model's afro frizzy in before, then sleek and defined in after

    27. A hydrating hair mask that targets rough, dry, and overprocessed hair texture to bring it back to its former glory, restoring hydration, shine, and elasticity.

    A reviewer's before and after photo showing their hair more conditioned and hydrated in the second image

    28. A Pattern hydrating mist to breathe life back into dry, thirsty curls and coils, and protects them from environmental stressors with aloe vera, avocado oil, and other essential nutrients. Plus, it helps you go longer between wash days!

    the mist

    29. A bottle of Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 because it reduces breakage, keeps your locks from losing moisture, and repairs and protects the bonds that make up your hair structure so you'll stop seeing your precious strands go down the shower drain.

    You @ your new, smooth, moisturized, hair: