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    39 Mother’s Day Gifts For When You Can’t Be Together

    Distance doesn't mean you can't still show your love.

    1. A magical customizable music box that'll be there for your mom whenever she's missing you.

    wooden music box with wind-up crank on side, engraved with message "You Are My Sunshine"

    2. A retro-looking bluetooth speaker because she's an old soul that wants to listen to her tunes in style (you know, with much better sound quality). Try throwing in some of your favorite recs to make this gift even more special!

    Five bluetooth speakers in green, white, blue, black, and pink

    3. A mason jar indoor herb garden if she's always dreamt of growing her own herbs but lacks time, or, well, an actual garden. No need for her to go outside now! These planters use a passive hydroponic system, meaning she doesn't even have to worry about whether the soil has the right amount of water. Soon, she'll have her own cilantro to garnish meals with.

    the mason jar planters with different herbs

    4. Or if she does have the space and wants more than herbs, a Bloomin' Bin subscription box to cater to her inner gardener. She can finally start that garden she's always dreamed of. And you get cute veggie pics!

    5. A movies scratch-off poster with 100 iconic movies ranging from Casablanca to Jaws as a bucket list for the two of you. Virtual movie nights will be a blast as you get through each title and scratch off the panel to reveal the surprise image underneath!

    the poster framed

    6. A delicate book locket that'll hold two photos and an actual personalized secret message! Even when you can't talk to her for a while, she'll always have a memento reminding her of your love.

    7. A private one-to-one virtual cooking class with expert chefs from all around the world to turn her next night in into a global adventure! She can learn to cook a yummy dish from the country of her choice, whether that's okonomiyaki from Japan, kebabs from Turkey, or empanadas from Peru — all from the comfort of home.

    8. An amazing pair of long-distance lamps so when you tap one to turn it on, its corresponding partner will light up too, no matter where it is — it could be in a whole other country! It's a lovely way to let your mom know you're missing them or even just surprise her. You can assign colors so each person gets their own special shade too!

    9. OR these Bond Touch bracelets you and your mom can wear everyday to give each other a subtle sign whenever you're missing or thinking of the other! She'll be overjoyed when her wrist lights up as she's going about her day.

    10. A beautiful plant-themed growth journal — she can track her goals both big and small. With its whimsical full-color illustrations of florals and botanicals, just opening this will get her inspired!

    11. A heart-touching Winnie the Pooh vintage-style art print that'll bring tears to your (or your mom's) eyes, because he just says the darndest sweet things. It's a great way to tell your mom you'll always be there for her even though you're apart! How can you not put a hand to your heart and sigh, reading this?

    the print, which shows Pooh and Piglet walking in the woods

    12. A sweet "Why I Miss You" fill-in-the-blanks book that'll let you get personal with cute and simple prompts. You can say all the things you can't in person. Be funny or be sappy — whatever you do, your mom will love reading through this on days she misses you back. It'll become a treasured keepsake for sure.

    the cover

    13. A gorgeous personalized bracelet in your own handwriting. Your mom will always have a piece of you with her, no matter the distance!

    silver bracelet with message "always love you"

    14. A birth month flower kit so Mom can literally grow her own birth flower! The two of you can follow its growth on your daily video calls. It's perfect for some-bud-y who enjoys things like birthstones, astrology, and even just flowers.

    the kit with three grown flowers

    15. Or a birth month flower scarf with dainty rose gold foil illustrations if your mom is a great person parent but not a particularly great plant parent. This is a striking accessory that'll make your ~mum~ feel super special. 

    person holding an open box with a blue and gold birth month flower scarf on the left side, and an info card about the
    Kikiyoscarves / Etsy

    Kikiyoscarves is a UK-based small business that makes tons of cute and meaningfull accessories. 

    Promising review: "Such a beautiful scarf!!!!! BEYOND impressed with the presentation. So thrilled to give this to my mother-in-law! Thank you 😊" –Elizabeth

    Get it from Kikiyoscarves on Etsy for $26.28+ (available in all 12 birth month flowers and three colors). 

    16. A fresh eucalyptus shower bunch to give her a spa-like experience when she needs to unwind from the day since you can't actually take her to the spa right now. The aromas not only refresh but also can help destress, and can provide some relief for colds and allergies.

    hanging eucalyptus bundle in shower

    17. A clip-on selfie ring light — she can finally have some star-quality lighting on your scheduled video calls together! No more shadowy, murky screens.

    18. A monthly Japanese snack box if she's always wanted to go to Japan. Now, she can explore and experience Japan in not one, not two, but six ways with a taste of everything from anime-themed snacks and fun drinks to DIY kits and Japanese Kit Kats! Everything comes straight from Tokyo and it's super affordable too.

    19. A small block sign that'll tell her distance doesn't matter when it comes to love! This'll be a cute reminder no matter where you both are.

    20. A scratch-off world map for a fun way to mark your past family trips together and your future ones (once all this *gestures vaguely* is over, of course). Have your mom scratch off the places she wants to go to!

    21. A hands casting kit that'll capture every line and fingerprint from your interlocked hands and provide a super sentimental gift for her to treasure always!

    Reviewer and partner show real hands next to moulded white hand sculpture

    22. A scented candle with a message to your mom because even the smallest things can show how much you care. She'll think of you each time she lights it, and while relaxing scents like Sandalwood and Pepper or Wild Fig and Cassis permeate her home.

    candle burning with the message "to a wonderul mum" on the label

    23. A Chocolate and Book subscription box that'll keep her company with a book, a yummy hand-selected chocolate, and a hot drink. It's the perfect combo to help her unplug, get comfy, and lose herself in a cozy experience. Chocolate just makes everything better!

    A book and a bar of white chocolate with strawberries

    24. A tub of Fresh's Rose Face Mask made with real rose petals to gently soothe, hydrate, and plump the skin. Your mom deserves to be pampered even if she's far away!

    the body butter

    25. A height-adjustable laptop desk if she works from home or if she just doesn't want to get out of bed while FaceTiming you. No more precariously balancing her phone or laptop on the couch edge! This fits a laptop along with snacks, tea, books, and more!

    the laptop desk

    26. A fancy red tower filled with gourmet cookies, brownies, sandwich cookies, and coffee cakes to surprise your mom and indulge her foodie side or sweet tooth! Or, if a cake's more their thing, this