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    Just 36 Incredibly Romantic Gifts

    If your S.O. is a hopeless romantic, chances are, they'll melt for one of these.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. A laser projector to make every movie night a ✨starry✨ night that'll really play up the romance. No camping needed.

    reviewer photo of the blue stars and night sky from the projector

    Promising review: "I really, really love this laser projector! It's very peaceful and beautiful when I use it in my bedroom and it also very romantic. I would highly recommend purchasing it. You'll enjoy it!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99.

    2. An art print that's nothing short of 🌙 magical🌙. The wish lanterns one is perfect for the Flynn to your Rapunzel and the moon over the boat one is perfect for the Eric to your Ariel!


    Get them from Redbubble for $18.84+ (available in four sizes): the wish lanterns here and the moon one here.

    3. A Victorian-style brass bird locket that's stylistically tarnished for a timeworn look so you guys can act like a dramatic film couple from old times. You can personalize this with two photographs merged into the metal of the pendant for a vintage effect. And the two little swallows represent you two of course <3.

    SilkPurseSowsEar / Etsy

    This handmade locket comes in a recycled gift box with a handmade tag.

    Silk Purse Sow's Ear is a small jewelry shop based in Scotland that specializes in personalized necklaces, engraved photo lockets, and vintage-style gifts. They love using animals like birds and foxes to create fun jewelry.

    Get it from SilkPurseSowsEar on Etsy for $33.28+ (available in six lengths and with or without photo).

    4. Or a delicate book locket that'll not only hold two photos inside but also hold an actual personalized secret message when you open it...just like your fave romantic movies!

    SilkPurseSowsEar / Etsy

    The locket is made of solid brass and has a working hinge and clasp that you open to reveal the message. It also fits two tiny photos inside! The message can say anything you want (40 words max).

    Get it from SilkPurseSowsEar on Etsy for $35.96+ (available in five lengths and with or without photos).

    5. A fun custom plush doll to customize to your heart's content — something this cute and creative is guaranteed to be your S.O.'s favorite gift ever!

    Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed, Budsies

    My colleague, Mallory Mower, got one made and it's just so adorable! Here's what she has to say:

    "I never knew what a doll I was until I got this lil' cutie in my life. The design process is simple and super satisfying. Just upload a photo with the outfit you want the doll to have, fill out the included chart to make sure they know your exact eye color, skin tone, and hair color, approve the check made by the designers, and wait on your incredible custom piece! Get ready to have your self esteem hit unhealthily happy levels."

    Get it from Budsies for $115.

    6. A magnetic poetry kit so you can leave cute messages for your S.O. to wake up to, like "you make my heart fly" or "I know what you did last summer." Suit yourself!

    reviewer photo of reviewer having made cute messages with the magnet like &quot;I love your smile&quot;

    Promising review: "These little magnets are so fun and very sweet to leave little messages on the fridge for someone you love." —Boodabear

    Get a set of 72 from Amazon for $8.95.

    7. A mini heart-shaped waffle maker because every breakfast hereafter shall be made with love and love only. OK, and maybe some strawberries and whipped cream. And a cup of tea. With a teaspoon of sugar. And–

    reviewer photo of the heart shaped waffle

    Get it from Amazon for $19.18 (available in 19 designs).

    8. A pair of lovely real pressed flower earrings because the flowers are forget-me-nots so what better way to tell your S.O. to "forget me not"?

    the hexagon earrings with a small pressed blue flower in the center
    OliveBella / Etsy

    FYI, I gave these to my best friend for her birthday and she was so in love with them that I'm actually considering buying them for myself now.

    OliveBella is a POC woman-owned business that focuses on sentimental hand-stamped jewelry inspired by nature!

    Get them from OliveBella on Etsy for $33.

    9. A heart-touching Winnie the Pooh vintage-style art print that'll bring tears to your (or your sweetheart's) eyes, because he just says the darndest most romantic things. How can you not put a hand to your heart and sigh, reading this?

    the print, which shows Pooh and Piglet walking in the woods
    DeWoozles / Etsy

    The quote says, "If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever."

    DeWoozles is a woman-owned business based in Poland. It sells children's classic posters, illustrations, and art prints.

    Get it from DeWoozles on Etsy for $8+ (available in four sizes and two styles).

    10. A breakfast-in-bed box because your partner deserves nothing less! Pamper them to the max one of these mornings by waking them up with this.

    Bespoke Post

    This box includes a carbon steel crepe pan, bamboo breakfast tray, beechwood crepe-making tools, and an all-natural sour cherry ginger jam made by a Black woman-owned small jam business!

    Get it from Bespoke Post for $55.

    11. A lovely floral ceramic monogram mug engraved with their initial to make their tea or coffee extra sweet!

    the mugs in different floral designs
    Rifle Paper Co

    Get it from Rifle Paper Co for $14 (available in 26 letters and four floral designs).

    12. A cute card if your partner has an appreciation for cute puns!

    the card, which says &quot;you get me,&quot; with an illustration of a cactus and a hedgehog, both of which have prickly thorns
    nicolemariepaperie / Etsy

    nicolemariepaperie is a POC woman–owned shop selling cards, stickers, buttons, and paper goods.

    Get it from nicolemariepaperie on Etsy for $6.

    13. A fancy red tower filled with gourmet cookies, brownies, sandwich cookies, and coffee cakes to indulge your S.O.'s foodie side or sweet tooth! Or, if a cake's more your thing, this romantic red velvet chocolate cake hits just the right spot (or taste bud).

    Bake Me A Wish

    You can customize the occasion and choose your delivery date!

    The Soho Tower comes with a gift card and one dozen gourmet cookies in different flavors, one dozen brownies in different flavors, four deluxe sandwich cookies, and three coffee cakes in different flavors.

    The cake includes a greeting card and a gift box.

    Bake Me A Wish's treats can be delivered to your doorstep overnight so it's great for last-minute gifts! Plus, through the holiday season, 5% of all purchases will be dedicated to helping small businesses affected by COVID through the Bake Me A Wish Business Empowerment Fund!

    Get them from Bake Me A Wish: the tower for $84.99 and the cake for $44.99 (available in 15 occasions).

    14. A super pretty rose lace chemise set perf for those romantic evenings where you want to make your S.O. do a double-take and wonder how they got so lucky.

    model in the set

    The set comes with the chemise and a matching panty! It's stretchy so one size fits most.

    Promising review: "This fit amazing and it's delicate and soft, not itchy like some lace garments." —Yeraldin

    Get it from Yandy for $14.99 (available in red and black, and in plus-size for $15.95).

    15. A DIY adventure book great for Up or Pixar fans with a sense of adventure and wanderlust. You can use this with your S.O. the same way Carl and Ellie did!,

    Promising review: "This adventure book is really cute. I bought this because my boyfriend and I just moved into our first apartment together! It's a very exciting time for us and this adventure book was the perfect start to our new adventure. The brown pages are big enough to fit a good amount on each page. There are no plastic protectors. It is more like a scrapbook than a photo album. I love it. It looks just like the one from Up. Well worth it!" —Sara Wortman

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    16. A pair of kissing mugs that fit together perfectly, just like you and your other half.

    one blue mug and one tan mug kissing
    Uncommon Goods

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $65 (available in two colors).

    17. A luxurious champagne and truffles basket — just light up some candles and toss a few rose petals about and you've got yourselves a night to remember.

    the basket
    Gourmet Gift Baskets

    The treats include French chocolate truffles, Belgian chocolates, English toffee caramels, key lime cookies, and vanilla wafer rolls.

    Promising review: "I am happy with the service. Even ordering from a different country, it was a simple process, and it was delivered right on schedule. The recipient said she loved the everything in it, especially the Lindor chocolates and the Vevue Champagne. It was a 30th birthday gift. I thought the items were great. She could keep them all to herself for her special day, or share the champagne with her partner, and the sweets with her kids." —Zoe

    Get it from Gourmet Gift Baskets for $99+ (available in three champagne options).

    18. A Cardalloon that's part card and part balloon if you want to upgrade your standard card game! Your message goes on the box, they press the magic button, and bam! The balloon of your choice magically inflates! Whether you go for a heart-eye emoji or a funny poop emoji (who knows, maybe that's their idea of romantic), it's sure to be a surprise they won't soon forget.


    Get one from Cardalloon for $39.95 (available in nine styles).

    19. A Drizly drink delivery to give them access to tons, and I mean tons of drinks of all kinds, like beers, wine, and liquor — it'll be delivered right to their door. In the mood for whiskey? Vodka? Some rosé to spice up your night together? They've got it all.


    Promising review: "I was pleasantly surprised with the quickness with which my order was handled. The support team was also very helpful and understanding. Of course I loved my Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey." —George

    Enter your delivery address and shop for drinks here (prices vary depending on location, drink of choice, and size).

    20. A three-year journal that'll show the aging and development of your relationship over time with just one line a day. So sweet!,

    Each day you two answer a question (i.e. "Where would you like to travel with your partner?"). The questions stay the same each year, so at the end of three years, you can look back and see how your answers have grown and changed!

    Promising review: "This couples journal is just incredible! My husband and I aren’t very good at keeping journals so these short guided questions don’t feel overwhelming and they are fun to answer. My husband was at first unsure about doing this with me but he began enjoying it right away! I am way excited to compare answers throughout the three years! Would recommend to everyone!" —Renee Fergman

    Get it from Amazon for $14.02.

    21. A seductive couple's box to let your partner know how much you want them 😉. From a soothing bath to a sensual massage oil and sugar scrub made with real rose petals, it'll be your most romantic evening yet.

    the box
    Beloved Box

    The box includes natural handmade items. The items are:

    - A Massage Oil Candle fragranced with essential oils sandalwood, lily of the valley and tuberose, and made with mango butter to soothe skin.

    - A Goat's Milk and Rose Soap

    - Couple's Question Cards to get to know your partner more deeply

    - A Whipped Body Souffle scented with essential oils sandalwood, lily of the valley and tuberose that melts into the skin and transforms to an oil

    - A Sugar Scrub made of three kinds of butters and real crushed rose petals

    - A Bath Tea made with pink Himalayan salt, Mediterranean salt, and Red Atlas sea salt, and fresh rose petals that soften and soothe skin

    Beloved Box is a Black woman–owned brand focused on helping couples reconnect through couple's care to increase intimacy. CEO Dani Spikes is a relationship coach who created a plant-based great-for-all-skin-types product line after regular massage oil candles didn't work on her husband's eczema. Plus, they smell amazing!

    Get it from Beloved Box for $59.99.

    22. A soft Ralph Lauren cotton kimono robe they can wear during your intimate evening together and feel like royalty.

    the robe in white

    Promising review: "My boyfriend needed a robe for winter, but something that was 'substantial.' Many of the robes we saw were the 'plush' microfiber which would not have worked very well. I saw this one from Ralph Lauren...nice plush terry cloth cotton, like a luxury terry bath towel you would use after a shower. Perfect material, perfect size, perfect fit and GREAT price. Made a great Valentine's Day gift too! A product I would definitely recommend to any man who appreciates wearing a great terry cloth robe.... and ladies, it makes a GREAT gift too! Definitely something for late fall and all winter." —JerseyRedhead

    Get it from Macy's for $90 (available in sizes S–XL and in three colors).

    23. An amazing pair of long-distance lamps so when you tap one to turn it on, its corresponding partner will light up too, no matter where it is — it could be in a whole other country! It's a lovely way to let your partner know you're missing them if you're in a long-distance relationship. You can even assign colors so each person gets their own special shade!

    Uncommon Goods

    Each person has to set up their lamp with Wi-Fi. It has a rainbow of colors that you can assign so when they tap their lamp, yours lights up with their shade and you'll know exactly who tapped it.

    The lamps have a default timer to fade in 1.5 hours but you can set it fade in half-hour, 1.5 hours, 8 hours or 24 hours. Learn how to set it up here.

    Get them from Uncommon Goods: the box shape for $85+ and the spiral shape for $99+ (available in two quantities).

    24. These super elegant personalized cufflinks so when your sweetheart dresses dapper, you can say you had a hand in it ;)

    the cufflinks
    RebelGiftCo / Etsy

    RebelGiftCo is a small shop that sells personalized wedding and lifestyle gifts.

    Get it from RebelGiftCo on Etsy for $34+ (available in seven cufflink and engraving colors).

    25. A personalized star chart you can customize to represent any memorable night in your relationship. A perfect piece to show sentimental types that they're your star!

    the star chart
    Wood Life Prints / Etsy

    Wood Life Prints is a woman-owned business that specializes in rustic artwork and putting custom and personalized photos to wooden panels to celebrate your favorite memories.

    Get it from Wood Life Prints on Etsy for $49.95+ (available in four sizes and three colors).

    26. A Gillette heated razor starter kit to give your love the luxury of a smooth, comfortable hot towel shave every time. They'll feel so pampered.


    Promising review: "Absolutely amazing! The heat added a dramatic level of comfort while shaving. Each stroke felt wonderful. With my first shave, I expected to feel the warmth but I doubted it would provide such a dramatic level of comfort. What I didn’t expect was how much sharper this cartridge was. This cartridge was very smooth with hardly any tug on the hairs. With my coarse beard, this razor gave me a shave as close and comfortable as a good straight razor shave! Please may all the cartridges be this good!" —Robert

    Get it from Gillette for $200 or subscribe and save for $25/3 mo, getting every fourth order free.

    27. A scratch-off world map for a romantic way to mark your past trips together and your future ones (once all this *gestures vaguely* is over, of course. Stay safe, people!).


    Reviewers love how detailed the map is!

    Promising review: "OMG I LOVE THIS MAP! Upon receiving, I was surprised by the quality of the packaging and even more impressed by the actual map. This thing is heavy duty and looks like it will last on my wall for years! I love coming home and seeing this map on my wall. It makes me look forward to the places I have yet to scratch off and reminisce about the places I have." —Karen

    Get it from Amazon for $23.85.

    28. A gorgeous personalized bracelet in your own handwriting so they always have a piece of you with them <3.

    a handwriting bracelet that says Love Always
    IMESILVER / Etsy

    Ime Silver is based in Texas and sells handwriting, birthstone, and minimalistic personalized jewelry.

    Get it from IMESILVER on Etsy for $35.70+ (available in sizes XS–XXXL and six styles).

    29. An ethereal color-changing moon lamp that emulates soft moonlight so you and your SO can recreate the romantic aura of sleeping under a full moon. It also comes with a hand-shaped stand.


    If you don't want to use the stand, the moon comes with a string attachment so you can hang it from the ceiling for extra ~ambience~.

    The lamp has been made to look realistic, with craters and marks all around to mimic the moon's surface based on NASA's photos. It has a USB charge and is rechargeable with any compatible USB port. It has a touch sensor that allows it to change color by tapping. It's also turned off simply by tapping. It can stay on continuously for eight hours after full charge. It is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic material.

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in three sizes).

    30. A skin-softening massage candle made with jojoba oil that'll warm up quickly and, once melted, can be poured on the skin for a luxuriously romantic experience. Or simply use it as a regular candle. (Reviewers rave about the amazing scent!).


    The candle has warming notes of amber, cedar leaf, lemongrass, tonka bean, and medjool date. This has a 100% cotton, lead-free wick and cruelty-free, vegan ingredients.

    Promising review: "A truly great massage candle. The oil from the candle can be easily applied to skin and absorbs well. It is not too greasy and does not leave behind any residue. It also has a wonderful earthy scent that fills up the whole room." —Venus

    Get it from Maude for $15.

    31. A bucket list book so you can list and work toward dreams, goals, and things you want to accomplish together, both big and small!


    This is designed for you and your partner to literally work toward your goals. In each section you can record the idea, story, completion date, and add notes on each page so that the goals you set can actually happen and so that you have a place to record them when they do.

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    32. A couples' card game because not only is it a great way to spend quality time in quarantine, but it'll also start some memorable conversations.

    the box and the cards

    The box includes 100 unique conversation starters ranging from basic and lighthearted to more serious situations. With questions like, "What was your proudest moment from the last 12 months?" and "What's one dream that you've tucked away for the moment?" you're sure to find something you and your S.O. can really connect with.

    Promising review: "Great idea for a quiet night in! This is a cute little card game to relax and get to know random things that never come up in regular conversation! Take your time with the answers and give good responses! If you get through all of the card in one shot you're doing it wrong! We pull these out every once in a while and pick up where we left off. Once we finish the deck we’ll pass it on to one of our friends. Definitely would recommend to any couple no matter how long you’ve been together!" —Taylor K

    Get it from Amazon for $18.95.

    33. A personalized Morse Code necklace because no one else will know what the message says — that's between you and your beloved!

    Modern Out / Etsy

    Modern Out is a Louisiana-based handmade jewelry business.

    Get it from Modern Out on Etsy for $28+ (available in five types).

    34. These dazzling waterproof fairy lights to transform the bedroom into a cozy fairy den so you and your sweetheart can hide away from the world.


    These lights come in eight modes. Reviewers advise not to untie the twist ties.

    Promising review: "The warm glow is just perfect for night time, much better than a bright white light. The lights have a few functions, but I like them to stay on. I bought two sets; I just love these! I might buy a few more sets and put them up along my porch come summer. I am very, very pleased with this purchase! Inexpensive, easy to put up, and they plug in, so I don't have to keep replacing the batteries!" —Gloria

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    35. A set of hot chocolate sticks in three different flavors so you and your S.O. can enjoy cozy drinks and cuddles this coming winter.


    The sticks come in milk, dark, and white chocolate.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    Your S.O. at you now:

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