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    28 Gift-Worthy Products That Are, Surprisingly, From Walmart

    For your family, your friends, your S.O., your pets...even yourself.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cute hanging glass container that you can use as an aquarium for your fish friends or a terrarium for your plants.


    Price: $7.59

    2. A vintage-style wax warmer shaped like a traditional lantern to lend some of those Victorian London on a foggy night–vibes to your home.


    This decorative warmer includes a 40 watt Edison bulb and connects to a standard outlet. Wax melts need to be bought separately and replaced when the fragrance is gone.

    Promising review: "Doing my room in a nautical theme and found this beautiful burner! It looks amazing in person and is a must-have!"—mikey4404

    Price: $17.88

    3. A pretty birch tree wall decal to turn your home into a fairytale where you can pretend you're a traveller in a dark, wintry wood.


    Don't be intimidated — reviewers love how easy it is to put these up! This set comes with three trees.

    Promising review: "I am astounded by the quality of these decals. I had the three trees up within 10 minutes all by myself. I even moved one. It was so easy and so quick to apply! And I can see how they’ll keep sticking after moving them around because I’m a perfectionist and have moved the stickers around dozens of times already! Also, I was afraid the trees wouldn’t be tall enough so I bought two packs. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were actually too tall and I needed to trim them about an inch! Very impressed. Will buy more." —Jordan Benson

    Price: $16.79.

    4. A charming patterned terracotta vase that will draw everyone's eye no matter where you put it. Make sure to get an extra for your mom in case she wants to take yours!


    Price: $15.50

    5. A super cool neon light sign to channel that night out in the city–atmosphere right in your home so you don't, you know, actually have to go for a night out in the city.


    Promising review: "This was a fun gift for my daughter. She has a bar set up in one of her rooms and after seeing a Jimmy Buffett concert together, I thought this was perfect for her!" —Kris

    Price: $29.61+ (available in four designs)

    6. A sleek and stylish laptop backpack with a built-in wireless power bank included so you can charge all your devices even when you're on the move. Never worry about forgetting to charge your devices (or forgetting the chargers) ever again.


    This bag is water-resistant, has a charging battery system with 10,000 mAh, a protective window to prevent moisture from entering near the power bank, padded shoulder straps, luggage strap slides, an expandable water bottle pocket, and more!

    Promising review: "This bag proves that you can definitely judge a bag by its cover. It looks classy and is utilitarian at the same time. I was looking for something lighter for carrying my work laptop and ended up finding this pack. It has a slimmer profile (even when full), an extra pocket for a water bottle/ additional stuff, and is easy on your shoulders. Wireless battery pack for on the go—charging is a delight for someone like me who is running low on charge. What I like most about this bag is how versatile it is — I can use it as a professional laptop bag, a utility bag for carrying my toddler's stuff, or a small travel carryon bag." — TraveloholicMom

    Price: $99 (available in four colors)

    7. A small ceramic llama vase that's cute enough that basically nobody would be able to say "no" to having one. Plus, that llama looks like it can out-sass you, your siblings, and pretty much anyone tbh.


    It even has fur details carved into its side!

    Price: $7.88

    8. A magical and mysterious color-changing moon lamp — it emulates soft moonlight so you'll always have the moon in your home even if you can't see it out your window (because your view is the plain brick wall of the apartment building next door). It also comes with a wooden stand!


    The lamp has been made to look realistic, with craters and pockmarks all around to mimic the moon's surface! It has a USB charge and a touch sensor that allows it to change color (yellow, pure white, or warm white). It takes two hours to charge and can stay on continuously for eight hours.

    Price: $29.69

    9. A scrapbook shadow box frame so you'll finally have somewhere to tack up all those movie tickets, photo booth pics, Polaroids, seashells, and other memorabilia that otherwise would just remain scattered all over your desk!


    Price: $15.32

    10. A set of paper lantern string lights to transform your room into an enchanting and dreamy spot. Forget hanging out, even your friends will rush home with you to bask in their gentle glow.


    Promising review: "These string lights are so great! I got two strings and hung them around my bedroom. The amount of lighting they provide is just right and they are an easy accent to add to any room. Plus they are so cute and I love the color!" —Erin

    Price: $14.94

    11. A canvas wall art piece displaying pretty blue flowers that'll make you feel at peace all day everyday.


    It comes gallery-wrapped and ready to hang!

    Promising review: "It has the look of a painting even though it's a silk-screened image on canvas. The art itself is very elegant (kudos to the artist!) and it fits perfectly in my living room. I bought the largest size available and love it! The color in the image is true to the product. There is only one hanging hook in the center but I use Command Strips on the back's side edging. Works very well and doesn't damage the painting or the wall." —Stacey

    Price: $24.74+ (available in four sizes)

    12. A two-pack of fun and funky sunglasses to effortlessly upgrade your eyewear game from plain to ~pizzazz~. This set comes with two styles: rose-gold cat-eye sunglasses and gold heart sunglasses!


    Price: $8 (originally $14)

    13. A flameless LED candle set because you'll get all the glow and ambience of lit candles and pretty candlelight without the fire hazard that comes along with them! Why wasn't this a thing 20 years ago?


    Promising review: "Small candles but just the right size. Real wax and the flicker effect makes them look even more real!" —Alysha

    Price: $14.97 (includes eight candles)

    14. A bath bomb set that smells like murumuru butter and Bulgarian roses so you can come home, let loose, and relax. It's so sweet-smelling, you'll have to make sure you don't fall asleep in the bathtub.


    This bath bomb is infused with organic coconut oil. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and packaged in recyclable cartons.

    Promising review: "When I placed the bath bomb in the water, the first thing I really enjoyed was the aroma. Not too strong, which is a plus. The both bomb dissolved well in the water. Left my skin feeling moisturized. Exactly what I wanted. —Rubes86

    Price: $7.74

    15. An aesthetic yet no-nonsense storage drawer that'll hide all your misplaced earrings, extra lipsticks, and stray safety pins you found on your floor but still look oh-so-pretty on your dresser.


    Promising review: "This is my SECOND order for this product. I have a total of four of these storage drawers. Two of the storage drawers I use for medications and the other two storage drawers I use for earrings. I love these. They are extremely durable and hold a good many items. The drawers I use for medications can hold up to six bottles of medications in EACH drawer. The drawers I use for earrings I lined with felt and are just great!"—Salinda

    Price: $16.99

    16. A personalized beanie — it's inscribed with a monogram of your initials so you can be the cool one in your group. It's also a great and inexpensive gift for anyone in your life with initials!


    You can personalize this with one to three initials.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love the personalized adult beanie! I received it as a gift from my mom, since I just moved up north and didn't have any winter hats. The hat itself is really soft and warm, and the script monogram on the band is adorable! My family has really loved the personalized items we've gotten from Walmart. I would highly recommend this item, especially since the holidays are right around the corner!" —Lola

    Price: $7.69 (available in five colors)

    17. A gold-lined, seven-piece bowl set that you can use for display or to wow all your guests during those stuffy dinner parties.


    This set includes a salad serving bowl, four salad bowls, and two salad servers. If you use these to serve, hand-wash is recommended without harsh cleaners, bleach, or metal scouring pads.

    Price: $40

    18. A bright window curtain set — it's so artfully colorful everyone will ask if you painted the flowers yourself.


    Price: $38.39

    19. A set of ceramic plant pots with bamboo saucers to add some green to your space because going to the park is just too much work.


    The planters come with draining holes that allow the water to flow through the soil and into the bamboo saucer below; the plants aren't included.

    Price: $11.99

    20. An industrial-style mirror that will give a rustic and elegant touch to any room that I guarantee everyone will be jealous of.


    Promising review: "This mirror is larger than I expected! It has really beautiful wood detailing and is the perfect piece to put in my entryway. This is definitely better quality than anything I've ever seen from Walmart and at such a great price! I'm super impressed by Walmart's MoDRN brand." —WallMirrorLover

    Price: $69

    21. A classy tabletop globe — it's an inspiring accent piece that just might push you to hop on the next plane out for an awesome adventure because why not?


    Note that as this is a tabletop globe, it's small and designed to be displayed on desks, bookshelves, and other such places. It is not a full-sized globe.

    Promising review: "The globe is small; however it makes a nice statement where small space is needed. Great value." —LizzyLee

    Price: $9.88

    22. A medieval-style iron metal art piece to mount on your wall for a gorgeous yet simple statement. Everyone will applaud your decor skills!


    Price: $15.18

    23. A decorative and extremely useful wood organizing box that holds your mail and has hooks! You can finally keep your kitchen table clear and stop losing all your keys. Thank me later.


    This organizer has four vintage-style key hooks and a letter tray that's large enough for regular mail, magazines, documents and books!

    Price: $29.99

    24. A floral canister to elevate your kitchen decor, add some character (kitchens always need some character), and still functionally hold your coffee, tea, grains, or anything you need.


    Promising review: "I love this canister! It is so pretty and the roses have such realistic detail! It is such a nice size, not too large for storing tea or coffee. I love that these are ceramic and have the removable freshness seal. It stands about 61/2 inches tall without the lid. Perfect for my counter!"—Bonnylad

    Price: $14.62

    25. A dainty book-shaped flower locket that can open and hold two photos. It's a perfect piece of jewelry that looks good and keeps all your secrets! ;)


    There are three blue crystals embedded in the floral pattern!

    Price $32.99

    26. A fuzzy oversized blanket scarf so you can protect yourself from the cold but look absolutely dapper while doing so.


    Price: $14.97

    27. A sophisticated personalized golf putter set for the avid golf-lover in your life. Just owning it is enough to make anyone feel super fancy.


    You can engrave the lid of the rosewood-finish box with up to 12 initials or characters. The set comes with a four-piece screw-together putter, two golf balls, and an automatic ball return.

    Price: $69

    28. A watch that adds a graceful touch to any look. Any time you want to look more sophisticated, this watch will be your friend.


    Promising review: "I have purchased five of these watches over the years. They hold up very well even though I give them quite a beating. The face is simple and clear and the lighted dial is great for those of us getting older with weaker eyesight, in dim rooms and restaurants, or while camping out, when there is no light around. The leather strap is very comfortable and the overall appearance is nice enough for an everyday professional business setting. The price is low enough that I do not worry about wearing it while doing home improvement projects or taking it into the great outdoors." —MPNB1

    Price: $30.55

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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