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    9 Fenty Beauty Products That Reviewers Truly Love

    When you're ready to glow, rock that red lip, and be the star you are, Fenty Beauty is here for you.

    1. Body Lava Luminizer gives you that sun-soaked island glow all year long — even if you've never even been to an island! Your body gets a lovely glistening sheen; basically, this is highlighter but for your bod!

    model soaked in the luminizer and glowing

    2. Killawatt Highlighter creates a silky and iridescent cream-to-powder glow on the cheeks (and eyes, collarbones, shoulders, and anywhere else you want to gleam and glimmer). The shades range from traditional champagne and subtle daytime shimmer to experimental ice blue and eye-blinding shine so take your pick!

    3. Or try Killawatt Foil Highlighter, which breaks even more makeup rules with its hyper-metallic color-rich chrome finish! It has the same creamy texture as the original but offers a vibrancy like no other. With this, there are no skin tone rules either — any shade goes!

    4. Cheeks Out Cream Blush is a quick way to get naturally flushed cheeks so you look glowy and alive instead of like you only got five hours of sleep. It doesn't get greasy and the formula is blendable so you don't have to worry about being heavy handed and ending up with clown cheeks. Dab it on your lids too for a pretty wash of color or an easy monochromatic look!

    5. Flyliner Liquid Eyeliner makes all your cat-eye dreams come true with its fluid, smooth, fade-proof, and long-lasting formula. The tip is flexible and the color is deep and defined so draw away!

    A model wearing the eyeliner in a cat-eye shape

    6. Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer grants the most enviable shine, plump, color, and glow to your lips that'll make everyone do a double take. It's a Fenty classic for a reason — it's nonsticky, plumps your pout in a luscious way, and is a great finishing touch to your look. A true holy grail!

    7. Pro Filt'r Longwear Foundation delivers a soft matte finish that leaves you just about ready for a photoshoot. It flawlessly becomes part of your skin, offering coverage and a lightweight feel perf for every day.

    A row of arms of different skin tones showing swatches of all the foundation shades

    8. And the matching Pro Filt'r Concealer is always ready to cover blemishes, redness, or a bad night's rest with its creamy and weightless matte formula. It won't settle into fine lines (everyone hates that!) and will instantly have you prepared to click a selfie.

    a before and after of a model with visible dark circles under eyes, then smoother even-toned undereyes after using concealer

    9. Stunna Lip Paint leaves your lips with long-lasting color and baby soft texture that'll make it your true go-to for everyday or a statement lip!

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