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    Chewy's Early Cyber Savings Deals Mean Pet Owners Are In For A Treat

    You, the happy pet-owner, your buddy, the happy pet = a golden combination.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    That's right, Chewy's coming in early with their pet-tastic Early Cyber Savings Deals! You know what they say — the early bird gets the worm (yes, there are deals on worms here too, actually).

    Walt Disney Animation

    And if you're wondering what to get, check out some deals below for inspiration:

    1. A skinny plush fox dog toy with a built-in squeaker for entertainment and snuggly softness that makes it a great nap buddy. They'll be head over paws for this!

    dog playing with the toy

    Promising review: "This is the first toy my dog ever learned to play with after she was adopted. For months she showed no interest in toys...until "Mr. Fox." It is a great shape and texture for tug or indoor fetch. It is now my dog's absolute favorite thing and she loves it so much we bought three as backup. She carries him around with her everywhere and occasionally he sleeps in her bed!" —Eliza

    Price: $7.29 (buy three, get one free; you can mix and match items. Add four eligible items to cart to receive one for free. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.)

    2. A sisal cat scratching post that'll save your furniture from being all clawed up. The material is reminiscent of tree bark so your cat will love playing with it and batting around the included hanging ball — plus, the height is perfect for a full-body stretch. Your kitty will be more ~cathletic~ than ever!

    the scratching post

    Promising review: "I originally purchased this in anticipation for my two new kittens, but my cat also had a blast playing with it. All three LOVE it! The kittens definitely use it more than my senior cat because of their crazy energy! They toy on top provides extra entertainment. Easy to assemble and clean." —Mary

    Price: $10.49 (originally $13.99; available in six colors)

    3. These chicken jerky dog treats to make your doggy's next snack absolutely scrumptious.

    the treats

    Promising review: "Favorite treat hands down. She will run to get a piece of the jerky. Gobbles it up very quickly (maybe too quick LOL). Since I worry about her choking from eating too quickly, I cut them into little squares using kitchen scissors and put them in a jar. Has helped a lot with choking issues. Towards the end of the bag, I take the crumbs and some pieces and blend them into a powder to sprinkle into her dry kibble. She loves it and eats every bite." —Zumi

    Price: $15.49 (buy three, get one free; you can mix and match items. Add four eligible items to cart to receive one for free. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.)

    4. A three-pack of colorful squeaky tennis balls that'll elevate your dog's next game of fetch and make it super fun.

    dog playing with three balls

    Price: $4.29 (buy three, get one free; you can mix and match items. Add four eligible items to cart to receive one for free. Discount is automatically be applied at checkout.)

    5. These freeze-dried mealworms packed with natural nutrients to make your fish, amphibians, reptiles, or birds happy and healthy.

    the mealworms

    Promising review: "I feed these a few times a week to my hamster to give her extra protein since hamster food don’t always have enough by itself. I hide these and he loves foraging for them. I wouldn’t feed more than five or six a week due to the high fat content but definitely a winner with my little guy." —DracsMommy

    Price: $3.39 (originally $11.69)

    6. A four-story modern cat tree that offers five sisal scratching posts, two scratching pads, vertical climbing space, and a penthouse perch at the top with a private retreat because your cat is a high-maintenance star!

    a cat playing on the tree

    Promising review: "I bought two of these to place side by side, which looks really nice. They are sleek and modern and very easy to clean. This cat tree is very well designed and made. It feels high quality. It is not especially difficult to assemble and comes with clear instructions and hardware in a sectioned tray. One clever feature: the fluffy pads and the sisal pads come with Velcro actually sewn on, not peel and stick, so it won't fall off when you wash it. (The Velcro strips that go on the tree itself are peel and stick of course, since the tree is laminate). Most importantly, the cats are enjoying the new setup very much!" —BeckyJ

    Price: $59.45 (originally $69.94)

    7. A plush orthopedic dog bed made of memory foam so it'll conform to your furry pal's body shape and provide support for joints and muscles. It's so comfy they'll give you their seal of approval (with perhaps a paw petting your head).

    dog resting on the bed

    Promising review: "I wasn't sure if my senior dog would take to a bed, but I wanted somewhere comfortable for her to be since she can't get up onto the couch anymore. It took a day or two, but now she loves it and spends her days there when we are at work. It's soft enough I could probably sleep on it too!" —Abbysmom

    Price: $56.94 (originally $66.99; available in three sizes and two colors)

    8. A box of all-natural dry cat food specially made to support your kitty's urinary system, help prevent urinary tract infections, and reduce hairballs with a fiber and vitamin blend. It's made from real chicken and ensures a healthy kitty and happy owner.

    The triangular kibble

    This is made from natural ingredients without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

    Promising review: "I lost a cat to urinary issues and it hit hard. I didn’t want another one of my cats to suffer like he did ever again, so I started looking into better cat food. My vet wouldn’t prescribe anything since my two girls are healthy, but she did recommend I try this food so I took her advice. My cats seem to love the flavor! They’re both picky when it comes to hard food, and when I was switching them over from their old food, they’d pick out and eat only the pieces of this food. They seem to love the bigger kibble size, and I like it too because it helps with tartar build up. They’re healthy, happy, and active, and this food gives me a little peace of mind about any urinary problems we may face." —Alexis

    Price: $16.99+ (originally $17.99+; available in three sizes. Get a free Hill's Chicken Recipe Cat Food and a 2.8-ounce pouch with purchase of select Hill's Cat Food items. Both items must be placed in the cart to get the offer.)

    9. Some healthy parakeet food rich in protein from real egg crumbles, grass, plant seed and pellets — all the low-fat vitamins and minerals a caged bird needs to stay upbeat!

    the food

    Feed one to three tablespoons a day and discard any uneaten portions before next feeding. This is designed to be your bird's primary food source, not a supplement.

    Price: $8.07 (originally $15.99)

    10. A plush mermaid catnip cat toy so ~furrific~ your cat won't be able to resist. It comes with catnip inside and makes crinkly noises so they can wrestle and be entertained by it to no end.

    a cat with the mermaid toy, which has a feather tail

    Price: $4.98 (buy three, get one free; you can mix and match items. Add four eligible items to cart to receive one for free. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.)

    11. A pet fountain with a filter sponge and a carbon filter for crisp, clean water that'll encourage your pet to drink more and stay hydrated. Paw-fect!

    dog drinking from the fountain

    Promising review: "We’ve been using the fountain for a few days now and I really love it! My dog took to it immediately. I had bought one before that she would not go near. This fountain is completely silent, filters out all the debris that normally gets into a water bowl, and lasts a long time before needing to refill. I like that it’s a little higher for her as well, as opposed to a traditional water bowl. Really good purchase." —Fountain

    Price: $29.24 (originally $32.49)

    12. A bag of savory and nutritious cat treats made with real seafood. They're crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside — trust me, there's nothing ~fishy~ about this yummy treat!

    closeup of the treat, showing its crunchy outer layer and creamy inner layer

    This has no poultry byproducts, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

    Promising review: "We tried these recently for the first time. Both of our cats went really nuts for them. Like intense hunting around for more after eating them, then staring pointedly at me after finishing. I have never seen either cat go after any treat like these before. We will definitely be ordering more!" —Erinea

    Price: $8.99 (buy three, get one free; you can mix and match items. Add four eligible items to cart to receive one for free. Discount is automatically applied at checkout.)

    13. A spacious home for your rabbit so they can rest and munch and doze the day away (the dream, honestly). The cage also allows easy access from the top and front!

    the cage

    Price: $34.22 (originally $67.99)

    Check out more of Chewy's Early Cyber Savings and make this year a little brighter for you and your pet! Your pet after you get them these:


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