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    If You Want To Give Your Bedroom A Spring Makeover, Here Are 24 Things To Help

    Your bedroom should emanate spring all year round.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cottagecore-esque pastel paint-by-number kit perf for beginners and with an ending image so gorgeous you'll want to hang it up right away!

    a painting of a single pink flower in a clear jar

    2. A super pretty rainbow prism suncatcher you can hang up in your bedroom so as the sunny spring days pass by, you'll get to bask in tiny little rainbows that'll really perk your mood up!

    3. An oh-so-pretty dried eucalyptus wildflower bouquet to perk up your space in the oh-so-prettiest way! Yes, it has "bridal" in the title but who says you need to marry to enjoy spring flowers? 😌

    the bouquet

    4. An easy to grow rubber tree if you've decided that spring is the season you're gonna get your hands dirty (in soil) and finally put a real plant in your room and take care of it like a real responsible adult!

    plant with dark green leaves

    5. A silky soft and lightweight knitted blanket to add a cheerful splash of color to your room.

    6. Solid colors not your thing? Then how 'bout this floral throw that'll really play up the spring ambience in your bedding Reviewers say the fleece material is much softer than they imagined! Sounds good to me.

    7. A decorative irregular-shaped mirror because it's funky and cool and will give your space an airy, breezy feel.

    8. A set of magical waterproof fairy lights to hang on your walls or curtains so any room will instantly be transformed into a dazzling aesthetic fairy den. Spring is the best time for a fairy aesthetic!

    9. OR a set of hanging fairy string photo lights with clips to hold your Polaroids, photos, tickets and keepsakes. It's a great way to actually do something with your tokens rather than have them strewn all over your desk. You get storage benefits *and* pretty spring wall decor in one. A sweet deal if you ask me.

    10. A charming vines wall decal to transform your bedroom into a fairytale castle or sun-soaked cottage. Your pick!

    green wall decal mimicking vines descending down a wall

    11. A lovely leaf-shaped trinket dish because you are a flittering spring sprite and your room decor will reflect as such!

    Small trinket dish shaped like a leaf

    12. A hand-poured cherry blossom–scented candle that'll transport you straight to an avenue lined with pretty pink cherry blossom trees. Light this beauty in the afternoon and immerse yourself in the scents of spring!

    the candle

    13. A metal wall grid panel for a creative and functional way to display photo cards, pictures, and any keepsakes that are just too pretty to be stored in the box you've had them in all winter. Make a Polaroid bulletin or travel board — it's an adorable way to show off your memories or picture your goals for spring!

    14. A statement-making boho color-block wall decal to lighten up your walls without making the huge effort of wallpaper or painting.

    the wall decal behind a bed

    15. A set of pretty and super soft corduroy pillow covers because they'll add a perfect spring accent to your bedding or your reading nook!

    pink corduroy pillow covers on two pillows

    16. An oh-so-stylish large woven storage basket to clear the mess on your floor and look aesthetically pleasing due to its cotton rope design. Spring cleaning but make it stylish!

    17. This foldable wooden clothing rack that'll function as an extended wardrobe and also make your room look light, airy, and chic due to its open design — perf for the season! Now, when your clothes don't fit in your closet, you don't have to keep them strewn all over your floor. It has a bottom shelf for extra storage!

    18. An elegant hydrangea and mulberry paper flower bouquet reed diffuser to infuse the floral scents of spring all throughout your room and get you in the mood for the season.

    the flower and reed diffuser in vase

    19. A mini portable retro-style speaker that not only wirelessly connects to your devices, but also has a rechargeable battery so you can get up and movin' to your groovy spring playlists without having to worry about hiccups!

    Small pink retro speaker

    20. A set of off-white sheer curtains to really open up your room, allow the lovely spring sunlight to pour in, and still get privacy with a dash of elegance on the side!

    sheer white curtains on french windows

    21. A waterproof and stain-resistant faux marble granite adhesive for a classy and inexpensive instant upgrade to your furniture that'll lend to the light and bright spring aesthetic.

    Faux white and granite covering a white desk

    22. A woven seagrass basket to hold your lil' potted plant and bring all the nature-y spring vibes to your room.

    23. A super cool neon light sign that'll spice up your walls and bring a little nature but also a little ~night out in the city~ vibes to your room.

    the moon shaped neon light lit up

    24. A laser projector because warm nights means memories of stargazing and this lil beauty will add some ✨starry✨ magic into every movie night.

    reviewer photo of the blue stars and night sky from the projector

    You amongst all your new spring-themed decor:

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