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15 Asian Desserts That Aren't Boba

If you think boba tea is the only kind of good Asian dessert out there, boy do we have some news for you.

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1. Patbingsu (Korean shaved ice) is a ~cool~ treat to look forward to every ~hot~ summer. It usually consists of shaved ice, red bean, ice cream, and all sorts of fun toppings of your choice (like mochi!).

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If anyone asked me what my favorite dessert would be, I'd scream "patbingsu" in a heartbeat. Whenever I go to Korea, all I do is spend my time sitting in an air-conditioned cafe (air conditioners are rare in Korea) and eat a whole one by myself. My cousins call me the "patbingsu killer." My friends know I'm not one to share a patbingsu no matter how big it is! —Sarah

2. Taiyaki is a Japanese cake that's shaped like a fish, but don't be fooled! It's a treat filled with yummy customizable ingredients. A popular street food in Japan, the OG taiyaki is filled with red bean paste, a popular base ingredient for many Asian desserts. Who doesn't love a cute ~sweet~ fish that's Instagrammable?!

3. Rasmalai is a delicious Bengali dessert. Ras means "juice" and malai means "cream." It's made of dough balls soaked in sweet milk and clotted cream and flavored with saffron or cardamom. It's perfect if your taste buds want a sweet tang right after dinner!

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When my family brings a box of this home, I reach for it in the fridge so much that no one else even gets a chance to taste it LOL. Oops? —Nusrat

4. Mochi ice cream tastes like absolute heaven. It's a Japanese dessert made of mochi (a sweet rice cake) with an ice cream filling in whatever flavor you want. Biting into the soft texture of the mochi and getting that ice cream inside is honestly the best feeling.

Vasiliybudarin / Getty Images

This is a must-have for me and my best friend for every sleepover we have! We buy three boxes, maybe more, just so we can have some for the next day too. —Nusrat

5. Japanese cheesecake is a jiggling, crowd-pleasing dessert that feels more like a souffle with its fluffy, airy texture. It's not overly sweet either.

6. Hong Kong–style egg waffles should be your go-to brunch dish. You can eat these with ice cream and even add mochi, pocky sticks, ice cream, and much more. Feel free to try everything!

7. Thai rolled ice cream is the ultimate form of ice cream (right up there next to mochi ice cream) and you can't convince us otherwise. It's smashed and rolled, mixing different flavors, then topped with virtually whatever you want. So! Many! Toppings! It's an ice cream lover's dream.

8. Mochi muffins are irresistibly cute and chewy bbs! Most people know mochi as a topping for froyo or ice cream, but now they come in muffin form too! It's crumbly on the outside and chewy on the inside.

9. Turkish coffee makes for an extravagant and beautiful coffee experience! It's prepared in an ibrik, a traditional coffee pot that is heated. You add sugar while it's brewing and it's supposed to be taken without cream or milk. And trust us, it's so good, it'll become your fave!

Vuk8691 / Getty Images

I love the aesthetic of having a cup of coffee, but I've never been much of a coffee person. Then I had this. When I had it for the first time, I was left flabbergasted and couldn't believe I'd been missing out. I realized I'd just been having the wrong type of coffee! Turkish is the way to go, guys! —Nusrat

10. A deliciously warm, frothy matcha latte might replace your regular boba order! Matcha is a popular ingredient used in many different Asian desserts. Not only is it delicious, but it's also a superfood!

11. Ladoos are Indian ball-shaped sweets made from flour, sugar, and ghee. They can be topped with cream, chopped nuts, and dried raisins. There are different types of ladoos too, like besan (chickpea flour) and coconut!

Pinaki1 / Getty Images

These are a wedding must-have and a must-have for any occasion really, but I also love when my fam just brings them home for no reason. Who needs a reason to have a beautiful golden ladoo? —Nusrat

12. Hodduk is a sweet and sticky pancake treat from Korea. It's filled with a honey and slightly cinnamon-y syrup and fried until the dough is a pretty shade of golden brown. It's perfect when served warm, and if you're feeling a bit extra, indulge with a side of cold ice cream.

13. Barfi is an Indian milk-based snack that comes in many varities, like besan, chocolate, almond, coconut, and more — so you're bound to find one you like!

Alexey_arz / Getty Images

14. Chinese sweet custard buns are stuffed with a yummy filling of butter and egg so you can end your day sweetly.

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I have the biggest sweet tooth. Therefore, I love to follow up my meals with dessert — always. Whenever I go to a dim sum restaurant, I make sure to finish off my meal with these melt-in-your-mouth custard buns. —Sarah

15. Halo-halo — a Filipino mixed dessert layered with all sorts of sweet things like evaporated milk, ube (purple yam), sweet beans, coconut strips, shaved ice, fruit, and ice cream — is pretty much heaven in a glass (or bowl or cup — whichever you're served in!).

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This is also something I had just this year and I was so sad I'd never had it before now! With so many different textures and flavors that come together seamlessly, this one's an adventure all on its own. —Nusrat

You with your fancy new dessert:

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