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    • nushkaj

      OMG!! This made my day!!!Ihave had to deal with all of these basically my whole life. There was one instance in high school in my A.P. classes. There was like five or six black students in mostly all the A.P. classes they offered at my school. Anyways,Iremember the first day of class, and one white girl approached me and was like “Are you lost?” LOL..wooh..That day made me realize about my future or at least which collegeIwanted to attend. DidIwant to deal with having to attendaPWI whereIwould feel weird and what not? DidIwant to attend an HBCU?In the endIdecided to attend Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University!Iam truly happy with the decisionImade. P.S. This is just my opinion, but whenIread comments or blogs about “It doesn’t matter what color you are, we all go through similar situations” (usually from white people) No booboo it is not or nearly the same thing. I’m only 20, andIhave seen the perks of being one race.Isee just by being Black, how people treat you negatively.Ihave also seen what white people are capable of doing against Black people when they see that we are doing better (i.e. finding cures, getting careers).

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