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    Posted on Sep 18, 2015

    19 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With A Turkish Person

    They're delightful.

    1. First of all, Turkish food is to die for.

    2. And when you have a Turkish partner, they'll definitely cook for you.

    3. Visiting their family = amazing holiday.

    Medioimages / Getty Images

    Whether you're headed to one of Turkey's beautiful cities, the arresting countryside, or the incredible beaches, you'll have your own personal tour guide and a supremely romantic trip with your someone special.

    4. Turkey's well-connected, and Turkish people have an international mindset.

    Paulvinten / Getty Images

    Their country connects two continents! They place a huge emphasis on cultural and economic exchange with countries around the world, and Istanbul is considered the western world's gateway to the east.

    5. They appreciate new cultures.

    6. And are always excited to introduce you to the best parts of theirs.

    Raufmiski / Getty Images

    The food's not the only gem of Turkish culture. The rich history and cutlure means you're sure to discover incredibly fascinating new traditions, kinds of music and dancing, and holidays!

    7. They'll turn you into a morning person. / Creative Commons

    You haven't lived until you've had the magnificent spread that's a typical Turkish breakfast. It's got everything – bread, fruit, veggies, cheese, hot dishes. It's basically every meal rolled into one first thing in the morning. Then when you need an afternoon pick-me up, you can head straight for the Turkish coffee!

    8. They're family-oriented.

    9. And Turkish weddings are the BEST.

    10. They're great matches for cat lovers.

    11. They value authenticity.

    12. They know that having a little meat on your bones is a good thing.

    13. They know how to party.

    14. They're insanely beautiful.

    Alberto Pizzoli / AFP/Getty Images


    Mehmet Akif Alakurt is basically Zachary Quinto's Turkish twin, amiright?

    15. They're sweet...

    16. And so are their desserts.

    Flickr: 64573528@N08

    OMG who needs roses when you could have Turkish Delight. Even better, how about both? And let's not forget Turkish ice cream. SWOON.

    17. They have a great sense of humour...

    18. The biggest hearts...

    19. And they'll take GREAT care of you.

    Flickr: xiaohaohao


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