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Here’s Your Daily Dose Of Happiness With

Enjoy the little things in life.. For one day you will look back and realize that they were the big things. However in this busy world we spend too much time worrying about basic chores, that we forget to take out time for the little things. Juggling between multiple tasks, we struggle to have a little extra time for yourself. Want to be happier? Niki is there for you. In the midst of a chaotic life, Niki will be your friend who will assist you with your daily chores and help you relax. Niki would be someone for whom you and your requirements would be her priority. She will take care of the ‘essentials’, so you have time for daily small doses of happiness. So spend that extra one minute playing with your kid. Play an extra game of FIFA because the electricity bill is sorted. Go travel solo to that place on your bucket list because planning & booking the trip is just a chat away. There isn’t any quick formula for happiness. We need to take some time out for the things that we love to do. Things that makes us happy. Niki will ensure that you get all the happiness and time for yourself that you deserve. It is like talking to a salesperson for multiple products. Niki will help you search and recommend the right product as per your requirements, and then complete the payment all on a simple chat. The aim is to cut down on steps and bring one simple chat application for users. Time saved is time found for smaller things that make us happy. Niki makes your online buying experience smart, convenient and personalized. is a mobile application aspires to be the ideal personal digital assistant – one that allows users to make smart shopping choices by eliminating the additional time, the strain, and the confusion shopping online entails in the modern age. We all need to shop and pay our bills, and booking cabs or buses is a necessity that grates on the nerves. Why tolerate the strain? That’s exactly what Niki is here for – leave it to her, and enjoy what really matters. By taking advantage of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Niki is designed to understand advanced communication and simple text-speak, adapting to every user’s preferences and creating the ideal AI-to-human interaction. Recharging your phone, bill payments, ordering food, cab booking or even laundry services online would require you to install a multitude of applications on the mobile phone. If you search for Niki Bot on the Facebook Messenger app or on the playstore, you’ll be introduced to a virtual assistant that can help you pay your electricity, phone or cable bills or book you a cab. Type in “pay my phone bill” and it will ask for your number, service provider and bill amount. Then, if you have a Paytm account, you can pay your bill right there on Messenger, without being redirected to another app or site. Niki will be your closest friend to help you with all your order, recharges, event bookings, and more. She will help you ease your day-to-day tasks and leave you with a relaxed mind. She will be your friend who would simplify all ordering experience, and all of this without expecting anything in return. Gift yourselves Niki, a friend who will give you your daily dose of happiness.

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