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    How Desiree' Parker Became A Successful Model & Actress In Hollywood

    Desiree' is a model and actress currently living in Los Angeles, California. She has acted in Blood Relatives as a forensic agent and even placed the lead model role in Khalid’s “American Teen” Music Video. Her performances in various commercials in Top Golf, Thera-breath Mouthwash & Vivo X7, Disney Springs Resort commercial showed her in a different light – one that reckoned with diversity and representation.

    We had the opportunity to interview Desiree!

    Hi Desiree' & Welcome to Buzz Feed!

    Why did you choose to pursue a career as an actress/model?

    I chose you pursue acting and modeling because taking good pictures and speaking well on camera has always come naturally to me. I saw the entertainment industry as the best opportunity to capitalize on my strengths.

    What is your greatest strength, as a actress/model?

    My greatest strength as an actress and model is that I am diligent and persistent.

    What is your biggest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

    My biggest weakness as a model and actress is that I try to do to many things at once. I am working on making my efforts more focused.

    Tell me about your experience as a actress/model.

    My experience as an actress and model has been the hardest thing I have ever pursued but is also the most rewarding and has made me stronger than I could ever imagine.

    What are your goals as a actress/model?

    My goals as an actress and model are to open the door for other people in my community to have a role in the entertainment industry.

    I believe that African Americans create most of the entertainment culture, so should be the primary benefactors. My goal is to help make African Americans profit the most off all fields of the entertainment industry. My goal is to also to eventually use my platform to move into education and building schools.

    We are excited to see what Desiree' does next !

    You can find more information:

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